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Thanksgiving is done. What traditional foods did you miss?

The Thanksgiving feast is over. The table has been cleared. The leftovers are stowed. And the dishes are washed. Sure, the meal was delicious. At least, I hope it was.

You’re beginning to stir from your post-turkey slumber. And something’s not quite right.

It’s a post-Thanksgiving craving. And it happens nearly every year.

What favorite traditional Thanksgiving dish was absent from the feast this time?

Did anyone forget the sweet potatoes, the bean casserole, or your most treasured flavor of pie? Or did someone different bake the dinner rolls?

Maybe the gravy was a little lumpy, or the cranberry sauce was completely different that the way you’ve always enjoyed it.

What’s your post-Thanksgiving craving?

Here’s mine. Although someone brought three different kinds of pie, my favorite was missing. He showed up with banana cream pie (not tempting to me at all), some strange sort of peach praline fluff concoction, and a pumpkin pie (well, alright now). But no apple pie. Maybe that’s not a dessert requirement at every Thanksgiving table, but it sure is a favorite for me.

Oh, and where was the vanilla ice cream? Because whipped topping just doesn’t cut it, when it comes to apple pie.

Adapted from public domain art.

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