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Practically at Home Salutes 2011

Practically at Home Salutes 2011

Happy New Year 
and welcome, 2011.


Brr! How cold is your city?

How cold is your city?

Baby, it’s cold outside!

Photo courtesy of Discovery Clip-Art
Looking out my office window on a wintry Wisconsin afternoon, I can see the streets no longer glisten, despite yesterday’s fresh snowfall. Instead, the pavement bears a bleak gray quality that seems only to appear when the temperature drops to a frighteningly frigid level.

Today, the actual temperature is two degrees in my proverbial neck of the woods. The wind chill is way, way, way below zero.

Yep, baby, it’s cold outside.

Recently, The Daily Beast ranked the coldest cities in the United States

Here are the top ten. (CTRL-click on the title link to view the full photo gallery in a new internet window.)

1. Fairbanks, Alaska
2. Grand Forks, North Dakota
3. Bismarck, North Dakota
4. Fargo, North Dakota
5. Watertown, South Dakota
6. Aberdeen, South Dakota
7. Laramie, Wyoming
8. Sioux Falls, South Dakota
9. Duluth, Minnesota
10. Butte – Silver Bow, Montana

Sarah Palin’s Wasilla, Alaska, chimes in at #14.

OK, so Wisconsin didn’t even make the list. Color me wuss. But cold is cold!

Here’s a favorite holiday oldie to warm your spirits, if not your fingers and toes. Just for fun, this truly weird cover version features rocker Rod Stewart with country music’s Dolly Parton. OK, they’re not exactly Margaret Whiting and Johnny Mercer, but it’s still fun.

Brrr! Baby, it is really cold outside!


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