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Today Is Tooth Fairy Day

Today Is Tooth Fairy Day

What is the tooth fairy tradition in your family?

Today is the day to celebrate the tooth fairy. InciDENTALly, here are a few articles that might be of interest, as you BITE into this holiday.

Tooth Fairy Treat - How to Make a Tooth Fairy Pillow
Children usually lose their primary, or deciduous, teeth between ages six and thirteen. These baby teeth become loosened and shed when permanent teeth begin to erupt from the gums.

This music makes my molars hurt, Envisioning a crisp white shirt, A misting spray, cold air to spurt, The drill approaching, "Pain alert!"
Victory is sweet, especially at the Olympic Games. But sweets are bad for teeth. German luger David Moeller would probably agree. Taking second place in the men's luge singles at Vancouver, David Moeller broke a tooth on his silver medal in his mouth.
"The leading lady was a little long in the tooth for that role." Is this a dental description or metaphorical evaluation? What is "long in the tooth"? This phrase chews someone out, at least indirectly, but what is the definition of this biting criticism?
"Let's ask Bucky to do it. He's such an eager beaver." Have you heard this animal expression before? Does an eager beaver really represent a buck-toothed beast? What does it mean when we call someone "an eager beaver"?
What's your poison, coffee or tea? Most adults prefer one or the other. After all, caffeine is a super pick-me-up. Hot or cold, black or doctored, our favorite daytime drinks are laced with it.
A South Carolina jury awarded $2 million to a woman who sued a dental clinic for pulling too many teeth. It sounded like a bad movie or a Gothic horror story. Elizabeth Smith will need a full set of upper teeth to replace the extracted ones.

Using a dirty or germy toothbrush can undo a world of good! By inserting a bacteria-laden tool into your mouth, you may actually be re-infecting yourself! How can you keep your toothbrush clean?


Spay Day 2010

Spay Day 2010

February 23rd is Spay Day. 

Spay Day is an annual campaign of The Humane Society of the United States and the Humane Society International. The goal of this yearly event is to inspire pet owners and other animal lovers to save animal lives by spaying or neutering their pet.

Spay Day is held on the last Tuesday of February each year. This event includes special activities and contests (including pet photo contests and children's coloring contests) for animal lovers worldwide.

Many veterinarians (particularly small-animal veterinarians) offer discounted spaying and neutering services (particularly for stray and feral animals) on Spay Day.

Hurry! Enter your pet's photo into the 2010 Spay Day Online Pet Photo Contest by Friday, Feb. 26 »

Related Items of Interest:

Each year, in the US, 10 million unwanted cats and dogs are euthanized in animal shelters. Spaying and neutering permanently ends cats' ability to reproduce. By reducing unplanned feline overpopulating, these compassionate procedures can prevent many of these tragedies. 

Holiday travel plans often visits with family members and friends. Pet owners wonder if they can take their cats, dogs or other animals along for such stays. Before packing the pussycat, pooch or other pet, a houseguest might consider these ten reminders.
Are pet rentals the answer to commitment-phobic animal lovers? How about folks who don't want the responsibility of owning a domestic animal, but wish to dabble in pet companionship? Should cats and dogs be available for rent, like films or formalwear?
June is Adopt-a-Cat Month, and millions of cats await adoption in the U.S. Do you have room in your home and your heart for a rescue cat? What supplies will you need for adopting a cat? Check out the top ten essential supplies for cat adoption and care.

Can a dog learn sign language? Canine sign language offers a fun practice for dog owners and their pets. Dog sign language proves helpful, if a dog or his owner is hearing impaired. Consistency is key for teaching canine sign language to a dog.
Got travel plans? What about your dog, cat, bird, rodent or other pet? Will your pets travel with you, or must you leave them behind? If they cannot go along, what quality arrangements can you make for their care? Actually, travelers today have multiple options.


Very Happy Valentine's Day

Very Happy Valentine's Day

Are you planning a Valentine's Day celebration?
What makes Valentine's Day special to you?
Do you send out Valentine's Day cards?
Do you bake special Valentine's Day treats?

However you mark the occasion, hope it is happy.

Valentine's Day Items of Interest:

For Valentine's Day, what wonderful homemade gifts can you make for a fabulous female? Ladies of all ages appreciate thoughtful gestures of love, particularly on Valentine's Day. Here are five unforgettable handcrafted Valentine's Day gift ideas for gals. 
On February 14th, we decorate with hearts and offer sweet messages to those we love. How can you decorate for Valentine's Day without spending lots of time and money? Try these five easy and economical Valentine's Day decoration crafts.

What wonderful homemade gifts might you make for a man for Valentine's Day? Guys of all ages appreciate thoughtful gestures of love, particularly on Valentine's Day. Here are five fabulous handcrafted Valentine's Day gift ideas for guys.
Pretty paper hearts and cute Cupids are everywhere - in stores, classrooms and even offices. Why not download a free Valentine's Day screensaver or wallpaper for your computer? Try these 10 super sites for free Valentine's Day graphics - or make your own.
Valentine's Day is a popular occasion for sending sweet greetings to those we love. Did you know that you can download free printable Valentine's Day cards on your own computer? Here are ten super sites for free printable Valentine's Day cards.
Children adore Valentine's Day surprises. Try these do-it-yourself Valentine's Day ideas for a child you love, and watch for the delighted response. What child - of any age - doesn't want to feel special, especially on Valentine's Day?
Valentine's Day is not always hearts and happiness, fun and flowers, poetry and playfulness. Valentine's Day may be an annual reminder of love gone bad, romance lost or heartbreak. Peek at this hypothetical, parenthetical and perhaps pathetical limerick.
Poem for my beloved, on Valentine's Day and forever: "Though princes may harm me, In self-centered pride, My Loved One will arm me Around every side...."
Valentine's Day cards are the hallmark of the heartfelt holiday on February 14th. Who doesn't love sentimental and even humorous Valentine's Day cards? Try these creative card making tips to put your own mark on your Valentine greetings this year.

Children love Valentine's Day. What a super opportunity for sharing sweet Scriptures with beloved boys and girls. Why not include an apt Bible verse or two in a Valentine's Day card for a special child on February 14th?
Who doesn't love a dozen long-stemmed roses for Valentine's Day? Nothing says, "I love you," like a bunch of red beauties, at least according to floral tradition. Here's how to arrange and care for your long-stemmed beauties.

Sometimes, you just have to fake it, especially on Valentine's Day. If you're fortunate enough to enjoy the evening out, the success of the event may hinge largely on your cordiality. Host or guest, you must try to be amiable and sociable. Here's how, even if it's awful!

Do you love Valentine's Day or hate it? Most people have a love-hate relationship with this hearty holiday. Valentine's Day may mean romance ... or just plain meanness. To some, Valentine's Day is indeed vile.
Two Valentines sit on my shelves, penned not by gremlins, nor by elves. Still, Cupid's arrow struck my heart with smiles from these two, miles apart. I wonder: Can you guess the rhyme? Who are these two of which I chime?


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