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My SW Daybook – October 2016 edition

Welcome, October! Who’s loving these wonderful early fall days? It may be time to stow those tanks and tees, but it’s also finally sweater weather. Gotta love it!

I’m pleased to post a new entry for the Simple Woman’s Daybook.

Looking out my window …

Empty bird feeder! (Photo c2016 by LAN/Practically at Home)

The birds are organizing a revolt. I have dropped the ball, when it comes to keeping my bird feeders filled.

Another empty feeder! (Photo c2016 by LAN/Practically at Home)

Although this picture isn’t too clear on a darker day like today, I love looking out through this stained glass piece. Here’s why it’s special. One of my kids helped to make it with a friend who owns a stained glass shop.

Love this treasure! (Photo c2016 by LAN/Practically at Home)

I am thinking …

It is way past time for me to pull my notes together for a new book I’ve been planning for a while. I have the outline, the quotes, and the anecdotes ready to go. It just needs some organization and polish.

I am thankful …

The weather has shifted a bit. The wild late-summer barometric pressure shifts seem to have subsided somewhat. That means A LOT to someone with frequent migraine headaches, as this climactic settling can make them less frequent. And it has.

Seasons shift. (Photo c2016 by LAN/Practically at Home)

One of my favorite things …

OK, I admit it. Seasonal closet changeovers are not really a favorite task for me. But space is limited in our current home, so this must be done. It’s time to tuck all those wispy summer clothes away and bring out the warm and wooly sweaters and fleeces. That’s sort of refreshing, except that the switch requires a few trips up and down the stairs.

Hey, I need the exercise, right?

I am creating …

In a cubby in the basement is a basket. In the basket is a stack of random quilt squares, cut out of remnants of nearly everything I have sewed in the past couple of years. I’ve started assembling the squares into strips. Next, I will join the strips to make a wild bed quilt that will bring back tons of memories. We’re talking kids’ toys, Easter and Christmas dresses, baby clothes, home accents, and much more – all represented in quilt squares.

Now, if I can just finish the thing, and then keep the pets off it!

Product promo photo - fair use
I am wearing …

These are those mixed-up early October days when everyone seems confused about what season it is. I do it too. I start the day with long sleeves and multiple layers. By midday, I’m wishing I’d pulled on something summery instead. But I’m not complaining. I adore autumn weather.

Today, I’m working in a soft short-sleeved “Life Is Good” tee and a Lucky plaid flannel button-down, topping a pair of Irideon dressage breeches. You guessed it! I’m hoping to sneak in a ride later, especially if the weather holds.

Product promo photo - fair use

I am watching …

There aren’t too many TV programs I watch regularly. But I must confess I am intrigued by The Blacklist. And it’s back for fall! Oh, yes.

I am reading …

Our wonderful small-group Bible study is up and running for fall. We’re digging into Entrusted - Bible Study Book: A Study of 2 Timothy, by Beth Moore. And I’m loving it so far.

We also have a book group doing Fervent: A Woman's Battle Plan to Serious, Specific and Strategic Prayer, by Priscilla Shirer. Good stuff!

I am listening to …

As I put this month’s SWDB post together today, I’m listening to Keith Urban’s “Blue Ain’t Your Color.” Just because.

“It’s so black and white.
He’s stealin’ your thunder.
Baby, blue ain’t your color.”

I am hoping …

This fall, I hope to bump up my running mileage again. This has been a challenge this year, but I’m starting to get there. A friend invited me to do another half marathon this winter. I’m toying with the idea, although I don’t relish the idea of trudging through 13.1 miles of snow, slush, slop, or slippery ice. 

Adapted from public domain artwork.

I am learning …

The past few months have stretched me in multiple ways. Dragons of multiple stripes have tried to face me down. I’m drawing my sword against a couple of long-time nemeses. (Nope, I’m not talking about people here, although I certainly could. But these dragons are symbolic.)

I hope to offer upbeat updates on these in the coming months.

Fall gourds from a friend's farm. (Photo c2016 by LAN/Practically at Home)
In my kitchen …

Here’s another sign of autumn. I’m starting to want to bake again. Honestly, this is sort of a seasonal thing for me. The latest result is a big batch of apple-blueberry muffins, including apples from a friend’s orchard.

Although nearly everyone I know seems to be craving all things pumpkin, I have a hankering of a different sort right now. Sadly, we are out of Quaker Buttered Popcorn Rice Cakes. This is practically a snacking emergency for me. Those crunchy wonders are better than popcorn itself.

Product promo photo - fair use.
In the school room …

I guess the dragon-fighting I mentioned earlier fits here. (Watch for more to come on that.)

In my garden …

Oh, the garden. It’s pretty much over for the year. I’m hoping to drop in some new bulbs for spring blooms. The freakishly overfed wild bunnies did a number on the old bulbs this year!

Garden path. (Photo c2016 by LAN/Practically at Home)

Board room …

Here’s a pin from my Finding Faith board on Pinterest. I love this Bible verse, and I need this reminder constantly. To Him be all the glory. 

Image generated by this user.

By the way, I did this Scripture graphic for a post on my Heart of a Ready Writer devotional blog during the April A to Z Challenge.

Faith. (Photo c2016 by LAN/Practically at Home)

Post Script …

Throughout the month of October, I am participating in a blogging challenge called October Poetry Writing Month. On my Nickers and Ink Poetry and Humor site, I am planning to post 31 poems for the 31 days of the month.

My first entries include:

Shared Quote …

“When the eagles are silent, the parrots start to jabber.”
Sir Winston Churchill (1874-1965)

Closing Notes:

Thanks for stopping by at Practically at Home! And happy harvest season.

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