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Promotional Considerations at Practically at Home

Occasionally, Practically at Home publishes reviews of family-friendly books, foods, movies, products, professional services, restaurants, special events, travel destinations, venues, and more. These may be based on items or events I have independently accessed, or they may be focused on complimentary items (or passes) I have received from manufacturers or promoters.

I periodically publish product, restaurant, entertainment, and business reviews on other sites as well, usually where I have regular topical columns, although I rarely post multiple reviews on a single product, item, or local establishment.

With decades of professional advertising and public relations experience, I understand the value of positive product positioning and good visibility, particularly for new items. Having said that, I can also say that I always attempt to be fair, candid, balanced, and honest in writing product reviews.

Once in a while, I also offer free samples in blog contests at Practically at Home, usually presenting winning readers with promoter-provided coupons, gift certificates, or products.

Advertisers, product promoters, and merchants:

Do you have a product you would like for me to review or offer as a contest prize to my readers? Please contact me by email (neversayneigh AT aol DOT com).

This site also may contain paid posts, although this does not happen often. When such posts appear, they carry notices of sponsorship. I will not publish paid posts without such a disclaimer.

The vast majority of posts on Practically at Home are not paid posts, as the site is supported by sponsor advertisements and marketing links. No actual endorsement is intended or implied by the appearance of display ads on the page, as many of these promotional graphics are sorted automatically.

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