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Sweet and simple Valentine's Crafts for Kids or Grownups

February 14th brings a hearty holiday, as folks express affection and appreciation to those they love. Shoppers scoop up gifts and greeting cards, sending flowers and fancy candies and bountiful baubles to loved ones. Children swap lacy hearts and licensed character notes (from Sponge Bob Square Pants to Superman) in classrooms from coast to coast.

Still, Valentine’s Day need not be costly, particularly for those who love to do simple crafts.

Sure, a generous Valentine sender might pick a dozen red roses for his or her sweetie on February 14.

On the other hand, thriftier means of expression are available.
Check out these creative and clever Valentine’s Day crafts and ideas from a fabulous array of web writers, friends, and colleagues.

For Valentine's Day, what wonderful homemade gifts can you make for a fabulous female? Ladies of all ages appreciate thoughtful gestures of love, particularly on Valentine's Day. Here are five unforgettable handcrafted Valentine's Day gift ideas for gals.

Here’s how to make a fun pop-out heart Valentine craft for anyone with construction paper. This clever holiday project, creating heart pop-outs, is easy enough for all ages, from toddlers on up to adults.

Valentine Craft Project - Treasure Box – by Marilisa Sachteleben
Why not make a memorabilia box to save Valentine, heirlooms, or other treasures? Here’s how to create and decorate your own craft box inexpensively from a shoebox.

Easy to Make DIY Valentine's Day Wreaths – by Michelle M. Guilbeau-Sheppard
Look at these easy instructions for three cute and clever do-it-yourself Valentine's Day craft wreaths, using candy conversation hearts, puzzle pieces, or craft pom poms. With a little creativity and inspiration you may find yourself making multiple Valentine's Day wreaths.

This is a quick and easy craft that is enjoyable for youngsters to produce. This happy little butterfly becomes a creative, decorative, and beautiful piece for Valentine's Day.

What wonderful homemade gifts might you make for a man for Valentine's Day? Guys of all ages appreciate thoughtful gestures of love, particularly on Valentine's Day. Here are five fabulous handcrafted Valentine's Day gift ideas for guys.

Are you looking for Valentine's Day crafts to make with your kids? Make this edible heart butterfly craft your kids will love this. This Valentine craft is made out of pork roll, cheese and hot dog.

Valentine's Day fun invades college and university campuses each February. How can you decorate your dorm room to make it festive and sweet for this heartfelt February 14th holiday? Your Valentine's Day dorm room decorations need not cost a pretty penny. Try these six simple solutions to deck out your dorm room for Valentine’s Day.

Need creative ideas of how you can craft your own unique Valentine gift for a special teacher, in lieu of purchasing expensive items this year? Try these two simple and practical craft projects with your kids.

Parents with a supply of construction paper, scissors, basic hole punch, glue, writing utensils and maybe even a little leftover tissue paper can easily help their kids make cards for everyone in their class.

On February 14th, we decorate with hearts and offer sweet messages to those we love. How can you decorate for Valentine's Day without spending lots of time and money? Try these five easy and economical Valentine's Day decoration crafts.

Happy Valentine’s Day – all around!
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