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I tossed my cookies. Wouldn't you?

Maybe I wasn’t meant to have them, anyway.  But I absolutely tossed these cookies.

I know. I shouldn’t have grabbed the little cup of peanut butter cookies at the checkout counter, where overpriced snacks and sweets tempt impulse buyers. I surely didn't need the extra calories.

Still, I was hungry after traversing dozens of aisles in the big-box mega-store. So I snatched up the Go-Pack cup of Nabisco Nutter Butter Bites at the WalMart cashier station.

And look what I found, when I opened the container.


Right to the trash. Even my dog didn’t want ‘em.

I have to wonder how the Nutter Butter Bites ended up in one giant wad inside the sealed cup. Was it a mishap in Nabisco's baking process, a problem with packaging, trouble with transport, or a too-warm warehousing situation with WalMart?

Never mind. The cookies were inedible.

Did I return the nasty cookies for a refund? 

Nope, I didn’t. Here’s why. By the time I opened the container, we were several miles from the store. It would have cost me considerably more than the $1 purchase price, just to burn gas for the return trip. And the container was open by then. How would I prove the morsels didn’t just melt in my hot car?

But they didn’t. And they were gross.

I’m a long-time peanut butter lover. And yet, I suspect my peanut butter cookie cravings will not return anytime soon.

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