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5 reasons to celebrate February 7, even if it's frigid out

Brr. It is nasty cold outside again!

But I’m looking for reasons to celebrate the day. No, I’m not playing Pollyanna. I just realized the day may offer some extra bonuses, even if it is painfully cold for the umpteenth time in a row.

Maybe you feel the same way.

So here we go.

1. It’s Friday.

That means most of us are ready to enjoy a few days off.

It also means a big bunch of new movies hit cinemas tonight. Here are a few February 7 releases:

  • After the Dark
  • Cavemen
  • Demi-Soeur
  • A Fantastic Fear of Everything
  • A Field in England
  • Nurse 3D
  • Sinbad: The Fifth Voyage
  • Someone Marry Barry
  • The Last of the Unjust
  • The LEGO Movie
  • The Monuments Men
  • The Outsider
  • The Pretty One
  • Vampire Academy
  • Welcome to the Jungle

OK, I gotta admit it. I’m not familiar with many of these. Still, moviegoers seem to have a host of choices for this frosty February weekend, if they’re willing to fork over plenty of lettuce for admission.

Personally, I think I'll wait for Amazon Prime, Netflix, or cable – and grab my fuzzy slippers and TV remote tonight instead.

2. The Winter Olympics Opening Ceremonies are televised tonight.

Yes, the actual competitions are already underway. We’re already seeing spangled skaters whirling across the ice and snowboarders executing daredevil moves in the winter sky over Sochi. But the Opening Ceremonies are scheduled for airing this evening. 

Go, Team USA!

Here in Wisconsin, we will see them from 6:30 pm to 10:30 pm on NBC. Sure, it’s a tape-delay program, and we’re already hearing hints. But it’s still gonna be something special to watch the world gathering for the Winter Games. And who doesn’t love to see that Parade of Nations, with top athletes from all over strolling proudly into the stadium, waving their flags?

3. February 7 is an actual holiday for some people.

  • Ballet Day
  • Bubblegum Day
  • Give Kids a Smile Day
  • National Fettucini Alfredo Day
  • Send a Card to a Friend Day
  • Wave All Your Fingers at Your Neighbor Day
  • and more.

It’s even National Wear Red Day for women’s cancer awareness. That sure made it easy to pick something out and get dressed this  morning.

4. Plenty of intriguing people celebrate birthdays on February 7.

Today is the birthday of lots of celebrities, such as Garth Brooks, Ashton Kutcher, Chris Rock, and James Spader.

And a bunch of historical figures were born on this date. How about John Deere, Frederick Douglass, Charles Dickens, Sir Thomas More, and Laura Ingalls Wilder?

Here’s an entire article, listing tons of February 7 Notable Birthdays.

Do you feel better yet? (Pass the cake, would you, please?)

5. Spring is actually coming.

Forget the groundhog. Spring is gonna arrive – at least, eventually.

Just this morning, I heard a bunch of birds, chirping up a storm outside my kitchen window. Yeah, they must be freezing their little feathers off. But maybe they’re onto something out there.

So, even though the weather outside is so frightfully frigid that it’s freezing up my wifi (Yes, the cable company actually admitted that.), I’m hunting for reasons to be happy. Who wants to play along?

Disclaimer: I am neither employed nor affiliated in any way with the product/s mentioned herein or anyone associated with it. I received no remuneration or compensation from the manufacturer/s, producers, or promoters for this post.

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Peanuts image adapted/generated at RedKid.Net 
American Flag and Happy Birthday images - public domain

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