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Tip your cap to National Hat Day with creative hat style ideas

National Hat Day is January 15th. Will you don a baseball cap, a beanie, a beret, a bomber, a bonnet, a cowboy hat, a fedora, a sombrero, a top hat, or some other fancy form of headgear?

Whether you construct a hat yourself or pick up a fancy topper in a local boutique, stylish headwear is the order of the day on January 15.

Check out these handy and creative hat ideas from a rack of web writers.

Look in this helpful online article for several crafty hat concepts, using crocheting, knitting, sewing … and even beer or soda cans.

Heading for High Fashion with Hats – Linda Ann Nickerson
Hats are hot this year, for both men and women. What's the perfect capper to your favorite attire? Check out these style options for gentlemen and ladies. Holy haberdashery! These styles may top everything!

Trapper Hats for All – Sylvie Branch
Super warm trapper hats are a hot commodity, as Branch explains. Fashionistas, professionals, college kids, and just about anyone can stay warm in these eight carefully selected styles of trapper hats.

Crocheting fans can create cute themed top hats for holidays or any occasion by following Poulson’s basic instructions.

Men’s hat fashions may seem daunting to many, but Sexton offers a guide to 10 popular hat styles for stylish males.

Writing from experience, cancer survivor Protivnak shares practical pointers for picking out wigs, hats, and scarves after chemotherapy and related hair loss.

These popular dolls boast fashions all their own, and La Fon offers instructions for creating no-sew and simply sewn fleece accessories. Clever crafters can adapt these projects to make matching hats and scarves for young doll lovers as well.

Hats by ThaliaPap
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