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Easy fixes: Don't cry over window screen tears

Autumn is here. Colder weather beckons bugs indoors, especially when window and door screens have tiny tears or rips. These unwelcome visitors tend to creep in, especially at night, when indoor lights draw them through open windows.

Replacing screens on windows and doors can be costly. Is there a simple fix?

If a screen contains a tiny tear or rip (not an actual gaping hole), a little clear nail polish can do the trick. Just paint it on, and let it dry. It may take a few coats, but it works.

Hey, it works for nylon stockings and pantyhose too. Why not try nail polish on a torn window screen?

Or you could purchase a clear repair adhesive product, made specifically for such jobs.

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What if your window or door screen has a small hole?

For a small screen hole, a little hand sewing can work. It may not be pretty, but it will close up the gap. Try using black or dark grey thread, and choose a sewing needle that fits easily through the screen mesh. Follow the grid pattern of the screen, and sew a few rows past the open hole.

Larger screen holes must, of course, be patched. Purchase a window screen repairkit, screen repair tape, or a small piece of screen mesh, and hand-stitch or staple it over the hole in the door or window screen. Or take the entire screen to a hardware store for a total replacement, if absolutely needed.

Autumn is the ideal time for mending torn window and door screens, as many folks are switching to solid glass storm doors and storm windows (or at least sealing windows with insulating layers) anyway.

Why not fix those ripped screens before storing them for the winter months?

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