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Back to School? Not Likely.

Back to School? Not Likely.

As a mom, I surely support schooling. As a family, we celebrate the start of a new school year each fall.

We enjoy setting up the new order of life, as school bells beckon us back from the less structured life of summer vacation. Eagerly, we reorganize our desktops and our closets to prepare for the new school year.

Still, here's a curriculum we might just overlook.

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Bothered by Incoming Calls?

Bothered by Incoming Calls?

No-call registries are available both nationally (in the U.S.) and locally in many areas.

For example, Wisconsin residents may request (by phone) to place their home and cellular telephone numbers on a no-call list. This process is intended to prevent telemarketers and nuisance callers from accessing those numbers and bothering home and cell phone owners with unexpected and unwelcome phone solicitations.

Wisconsin residents may sign up for the in-state no-call list before September 1st. The new no-call list in Wisconsin will take effect October 1, 2010.

No-call list registration must be performed every two years (in Wisconsin). Here's the number for Badger State homeowners and cell phone users: 1-886-966-2255.


Krispy Kreme Burger: Weigh in, If You’ve Tried It


Is the Krispy Kreme Burger a sandwich to die for?

The Krispy Kreme Burger contains more than 1,000 calories. Is it worth it, even if one serving may turn a consumer's physique into a walking cream puff?

Tell us, if you have ever tasted this juicy beef burger, covered in melted cheese and served between two sugar-glazed Krispy Kreme donuts.

The Krispy Kreme Burger, made popular at the 2010 Wisconsin State Fair (August 5th to 15th), may be a culinary delight or a cardiological nightmare. What do you think?

Milwaukee’s Machine Shed Restaurant served up thousands of Krispy Kreme Burgers (at $5 a pop) during the Badger State’s annual fair. Patrons coughing up an extra buck even partook of Krispy Kreme Burgers topped with chocolate-covered bacon.

Luther Vandross & Diana Ross in 2000 - ImagePros/Creative Commons
Is the Krispy Kreme Burger new?

Although the Machine Shed’s Nathan Morrissey is gaining credit for the Krispy Kreme Burger, the split-second heart attack is actually a variation of the Luther Burger, a cholesterol-causing and calorie-laden bacon cheeseburger (also served on a double Krispy Kreme glazed donut bun). 

The Luther Burger was named for the late R&B singer Luther Vandross.

Luther Vandross died in July 2005 at age 54, presumably from complications of a stroke. Although the popular singer suffered from diabetes (along with high blood pressure and obesity) during his lifetime, no one seem to know for sure whether he ever actually ate a Luther Burger.

How many food crazes have begun with rumors of celebrities’ personal food cravings?

Remember the stories of Elvis Presley’s deep-fried peanut butter and banana sandwiches? Can you name any other celebrity binge favorites?

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Roller Coaster with the Moster

Roller Coaster with the Moster

Are you a roller coaster fan? How many times have you ridden on a roller coaster at Cedar Point, Coney Island, Holiday World, Kings Island, Six Flags, another theme park or even your own county or state fair?

Vic Kleman (78) of Knoxville, Pennsylvania, may top your roller coaster riding record.

A member of the American Coaster Enthusiasts, Vic Kleman took 90 round trips on the Jack Rabbit roller coaster at Kennywood Park, in West Mifflin, Pennsylvania (outside of Pittsburgh). 

When he disembarked from the amusement park roller coaster, Pennsylvania senior Vic Kleman had completed his 4,000th lifetime ride.

Perhaps coincidentally, the wooden roller coaster was marking its 90th anniversary on Sunday, August 15th – the day of Vic Kleman’s repeated circuits on the 1921-built Jack Rabbit out-and-back thrill ride, which boasts an 85-foot double-dip drop at one point.

Who wants to try to beat Vic Kleman’s roller coaster record?

Hands up! Let’s roll.


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What is the safest American city for children?

What is the safest American city for children?

Across the United States, which cities are the safest for youngsters? (The results may surprise you.)

Men’s Health magazine recently performed a study, tabulating such data as accidental death rates (CDC statistics), bike safety laws (IIHS statistics), car-seat inspections (NHTSA statistics), child abuse reports (U.S. DHHS statistics), and sex offender registries (state and national) and more.

Here are the ten worst American cities, based on child safety rankings (from Men’s Health), with #100 being the least safe city for children.

100. Jacksonville, Florida
99.  New Orleans, Louisiana
98. Baltimore, Maryland
97. Bakersfield, California
96. Tulsa, Oklahoma
95. Modesto, California
94. Grand Rapids, Michigan
93. Fresno, California
92. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
91. Corpus Christi, Texas
90. Burlington, Vermont

And here are the ten best American cities, based on child safety rankings (from Men’s Health), with #1 being the top pick for child safety.

10. Burlington, Vermont
9. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
8. Colorado Springs, Colorado
7. Jersey City, New Jersey
6. Providence, Rhode Island
5. Spokane, Washington
4. Virginia Beach, Virginia
3. San Francisco, California
2. Honolulu, Hawaii
1. Madison, Wisconsin

What do you think? How did your own hometown fare, in terms of child safety? Which of the results surprised you the most? What statistics do you think should have been included in the study of America’s safest cities for children?

What could be done to improve child safety in America’s cities?

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