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Talking TP: What would your toilet paper roll say?

Talking TP: What would your toilet paper roll say?

Perhaps it’s time to flush out a new whiz-bang product. Maybe you've seen this one on "The Today Show." It's tough to keep a lid on something this inventive.

We'd bet Martha Stewart doesn't have this one yet. Is that a good thing?

Have you heard about Talking TP?

Retailing for $19.95 (although we have seen it on Neatorama for $11.95 and on As Seen on TV for $14.95), Talking TP is a battery-operated toilet paper roll that allows a user to record his or her own message. When someone unrolls a few sheets of toilet tissue, the message automatically replays.

Talk about custom ring-tones gone to pot!

This practical jokers’ product gives everyone the chance to come up with their own plumbers’ (wise)cracks. Gee, that might be even more fun than a Chia Pet, a Clapper and a full set of Ginsu Knives, all wrapped up in a Snuggie!

The Talking TP product comes with a list of suggested quips and comments, as well as a list of free messages for recording from such speakers as Austin Powers, Bart Simpson, Darth Vader, The Grinch, Forrest Gump, Martha Stewart, Mister Ed, Obi Wan Kenobi, The Simpsons and more.

What sort of message would you put on your toilet paper roll, if you had the chance?

Would you remind toilet paper users to flush and wash their hands? Would you thank them for dropping in? Or would you come up with your own comic quips?

Let’s hear what you’d record on your own toilet tissue dispenser. C’mon, you’re on a roll!

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February 4th is 2010 Wear Red Day

February 4th is 2010 Wear Red Day

National Wear Red Day is Friday, February 4th.

Created by the American Heart Association, this annual day is aimed at raising awareness of heart disease.

What will you wear to mark this momentous occasion? How about a crimson cravat, a scarlet scarf, a blush blouse or a ruby red dress?

Of course, Valentine’s Day falls soon after National Wear Red Day, so we’ll want to keep those rosy garments handy for another wearing!

Happy National Wear Red Day on February 4th! Wear those colors proudly.

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