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Gotta love Sesame Street's GLEEful letter G skit

Gotta love Sesame Street's GLEEful letter G skit

Golly! Look at “Sesame Street” going all “Glee.”

Whether you’re a Gleek or not, this PBS video is worth a generous glance. You’ve gotta love the spot-on parodies of all the familiar McKinley High School glee club characters. Check out this recent spot:


Here’s one more reason to add to the list of why I’m bemoaning the fact that my kids have grown up all too fast.

“Don’t stop believing.” Maybe even grownups can be glittery and gleeful kids once in a while.

Good going, “Sesame Street.”

Video screenshots – Sesame Street

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Anderson Cooper, please strap one on

C'mon! Use your head, Anderson Cooper!

Anderson Cooper’s nationally syndicated daytime television talk show is scheduled to premiere on Monday, September 12th

You’ve probably seen the TV ad spots for “Anderson.”

Are you as mad as I am?

OK, it’s not personal. I’m not against Anderson Cooper per se, although I haven’t always agreed with his ideological positions on every topic. Most of us have grown acquainted with the 44-year-old award-winning journalist for his appearances on “60 Minutes” and CNN’s “Anderson Cooper 360.”

But the guy really isn’t exercising common sense, as he pedals his way into busy Big Apple traffic on camera.

Take a look.

See those furrows in Anderson Cooper’s brow, as he steers his bike through downtown New York City? Yep, he oughta be worried, with cabbies and other motorists all around!

Strap on a safety helmet, Anderson Cooper! Moms and dads and kids and teens and bicyclists of all ages are watching! 

Maybe you don't want to mess up your hair and makeup, but no one wants to see your brains splashed all over Manhattan. Even your mom, famous fashion designer Gloria Vanderbilt, might feel better if you put on the right headgear before mounting up!

Anderson Cooper – video screenshot from  “Anderson” promo spot


Halloween countdown - for trick or treating costumes

Halloween countdown - for trick or treating costumes

The trick or treating countdown has begun! 

Have you picked your Halloween costume theme yet? What will you be for Beggar's Night, costume contests, masquerade balls or school classroom parties?

What will you be for Halloween trick or treating this year?

Parents and children of all ages love to make masquerades for this autumn holiday. 

From superheroes to celebrities, ghosts and goblins to fairy princesses and fine princes, Halloween costumes are the rage each fall.

Check out these super Halloween costuming concepts:
Feeling a little crafty for Halloween?

Why not try your hand at creating your own do-it-yourself trick or treating costume?
Even pets may get into the act for Halloween trick or treating!
What’s your favorite Halloween costume of all time?

Here are a few magic memories from friends and writing colleagues, looking at trick or treating days of their own childhoods.
Take a peek back at last year’s favorite get-ups.

How many of these clever costumes showed up at your own front door last year on Halloween, begging for candies and other treats? How about those classroom parties and masquerade balls?
What will be the most popular Halloween costumes for trick or treating in 2011?

Be sure to leave a comment with your best guesses.

And here’s an eco-friendly reminder.

Don’t just toss those trick or treating costumes, once Halloween is over. Pass ‘em on!
Halloween Trick or Treaters
WP Clip Art - Public Domain Images

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On dumb tee shirts: Smart girls do their own homework

On dumb tee shirts: Smart girls do their own homework

As a parent, I think I have just about had it up to my neck with attitude tees for girls. Sassy sayings on shirts are popular at all sorts of clothing stores, from trendy boutiques to the most long-standing department stores.

Now J.C. Penney has stepped in it.

The old-school retailer really put its proverbial foot in it, offering a tee shirt for girls (sizes 7-16) that reads:

"I'm too pretty to do homework so my brother has to do it for me."

The ad copy for the tee (available only online) said this:

"Who has time for homework when there's a new Justin Bieber album out? She'll love this tee that's just as cute and sassy as she is.”

In short order, parents were up in arms over the sarcastically stereotypical shirt. And J. C. Penney’s pulled the item from the fall fashion lineup online.

How do you feel about J.C. Penney’s “Too Pretty” tee?

Do you think the shirt is inappropriate for young girls? Does it dumb down feminine smarts?

On the plus side, paying just $9.99 for a long-sleeved tee shirt (discounted from an apparent retail price of $16.99) might be a savvy deal.

But would a self-respecting young lady go out in public with a top that even jokingly says her brother does her homework? Gee, what girl might even trust her brother to do her homework? In some homes, that might be something akin to letting the dog eat it.

OK, I am blessed with smart brothers. I have three of them. In certain subjects, I might even trust them to help me with a homework assignment, if I were still in school. Chances are, they’d ask me for assistance on research papers or writing assignments.

But this play-it-dumb tee shirt, claiming a girl might be too pretty to do homework, seems to suit no one to a tee. 

OK, I must confess. Just last week, I took my teen to J.C. Penney's and dropped a small bundle on back-to-school fashions. It seemed a smart deal at the time, as they offered a $10 discount across-the-board for a $25 purchase. But we skipped the attitude tees! 

Had I seen the "Too Pretty" top on the store's website, we might have gone straight to Kohl's, just on principle.

Sometimes the shoe really is on the other foot.

Remember what Grampa used to say? “Pretty is as pretty does.” Didn’t everyone’s grandfather say that?

Isn't it time for smart girls to stand up and show off their God-given brains? 

School is in session, and pretty girls with intelligence to boot are fashionable everywhere. What could be more beautiful than excellence?

“Too Pretty” tee shirt – fair use photo
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