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Shouldn't EVERY day be Root Beer Float Day? (Recipe included.)

Today is Root Beer Float Day. Apparently this foodie holiday takes place each year on August 6th. A&W and other soda stands may offer freebies and specials on root beer floats today.

Do you love root beer floats?

In our family, this deliciously foamy ice cream soda concoction is a long-time tradition for clan gatherings. When we rally the troops for a barbecue, we close the celebration with root beer floats for everyone – no matter what day it is.

A root beer float is simple to make, but there’s definitely a secret to success.

Sure, some people simply plunk vanilla ice cream into glasses of root beer. In our family, a much more appealing technique has evolved. You just can’t skimp on the ice cream.

Here’s how to make an amazingly yummy root beer float.

  • Grab a tall glass.
  • Fill it with several scoops of vanilla ice cream.
  • Tip the glass, and pour just-opened root beer down the inside wall of the glass. (This helps to prevent foaming.)
  • Stick a tall spoon and a straw into the glass.
  • Indulge immediately.

Root beer floats are made to enjoy right away. Besides, it’s hard not to dive right into a root beer float and keep on sipping till the final slurp.

What’s the difference between a root beer float and a black cow?

Gee, you’ve got me there. In our clan, if someone substitutes chocolate ice cream for vanilla, we call that a black cow. But that’s just us.

And if you pour cola into the glass, instead of root beer, you have a vanilla Coke. You can also use orange soda to make a Dreamsicle freeze. But those are treats for other occasions, besides Root Beer Float Day.

Root Beer Float - Creative Commons Licensing

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