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Flipping Out Over Holiday Returns?

Flipping Out Over Holiday Returns?

Have you done any holiday gift returns? How long were the customer service lines in the stores? Or did you return anything by mail? What was your gift return (or gift exchange) experience? What stores had the best gift return policies and customer service?

Did you receive what you wanted for Christmas? What was it? How did you wrap it? Did you come up with a clever way to present your best Christmas gifts?

Were you regifted? Or did you regift to someone else? Were you caught regifting?

How were the gifts that you gave received? What were the most curious gifts, the most creative gifts, the most practical (or impractical) gifts, or the most thoughtful gifts?

What Did I Receive for Christmas?

Of course, the best gift was gathering with extended family to celebrate the coming of Christ, the Greatest Gift of all.

Family members and friends gave me some thoughtful gifts, such as a neat book from my kids, a pretty cross from my stepchildren, a set of new monogrammed towels from my mom (with my own initials on them) and a collectible horse Christmas ornament from a friend.

I also received a gift-with-an-agenda, in the form of a giant trunk for storing clutter in my home office - which apparently bothered someone a bit. Before I even tore off the cardboard box, the trunk mysteriously disappeared and reappeared in my office, as I sat in the living room wondering what happened.

Hey, it's the thought that counts . . . right?

Presenting ... a Super Holiday Gift

Here's a great holiday gift. It's called the PRESENT ... and it starts with a brand-new year. In fact,  a new present starts every day. Let's grab it!

Happy New Year!

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