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Picked a Trick or Treat Costume Yet?

Picked a Trick or Treat Costume Yet?

Need some ideas for do-it-yourself Halloween costumes for children or adults? (CTRL-click on each title to open that instructional article in a new window.)

DIY Halloween Costumes: Creative Costuming for Adults
Ahoy, Matey! Try this super-simple pirate costume, clever enough to do Captain Jack proud.

DIY Halloween Costume: Dr. Gregory House
Need a costume, "Stat"? The doctor is in. Assemble your own Dr. Gregory House Halloween costume for trick-or treating, Halloween parties, masquerade events or other Halloween happenings. It's simple.

DIY Halloween Costume: Hannah Montana Pop Star
Get the best of both worlds, as you rock out for trick-or-treating. Here's how to create your own Hannah Montana Halloween-themed costume.

DIY Halloween Costumes: Harry Potter and Friends
Harry Potter and his Hogwarts pals Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley, are popular subjects for trick or treat costumes. Ready-made Harry Potter outfits may cost $30 or more. Of course, clever trick or treaters may whip up their own character costumes.

DIY Halloween Costume: iPod
Make Your Own iPod Halloween Costume
What will you be for Halloween this year? How about an iPod? Tuned-in trick-or-treaters of all ages will download lots of fun with the iPod Halloween costume. Make it yourself, using these easy instructions. It's nano-riffic!

DIY Halloween Costumes: Obama, Biden, McCain and Palin
Wanna see something scary? How about dressing up as Barack Obama, John McCain, Sarah Palin, Joe Biden or another politician or celebrity for Halloween? Here's the simple secret to a no-sew costume of the Halloween headliner of your choice.

DIY Halloween Costumes: Quick Carnival Get-Up
Simple carnival, festival or Mardi Gras costumes you can make at home, from ballerinas to bees, from lobsters to ladybugs and from princesses to pirates.

DIY Halloween Costume: Raggedy Ann
Preschoolers to post-grads, girls love to dress up as Raggedy Ann for Halloween trick-or-treating. Costume shops offer Raggedy Ann suits, but you can also easily create your own rag doll disguise without sewing.

DIY Halloween Costume: Raggedy Ann and Andy
Raggedy Ann and Andy are popular trick-or-treating costume choices. Adults and children enjoy dressing up as rag dolls for Halloween parties, costume events and trick-or-treating. How can you make your own Raggedy Ann and Andy costumes for Halloween?

DIY Halloween Costume: Sharpay from High School Musical
How can a young starlet wannabe create a simple High School Musical's Sharpay costume? Try these easy instructions for Sharpay's attire, accessories, hairstyling and makeup.

DIY Halloween Costume: Star Trek Crew Member
Halloween is a big enterprise, as trick or treaters buy popular costumes. Among the perennial favorites for trick or treating are Star Trek costumes. Trekkies may design their own costumes, trick or treating as their favorite Star Trek characters.

DIY Halloween Costume: Super Spider-Man
Have some superhero fun for your trick-or-treating, Halloween events or other costumed occasions. Follow these simple instructions for a Spider-Man superhero Halloween-themed costume, including step-by-step Spider-Man Face-Paint Designs.

Costuming Your Horse for Halloween
How can you design a delightful Halloween or themed costume for your horse? Here are several helpful and practical pointers, including many simple equine costume ideas.

Is Struggling Economy Spooking American Halloween Celebrants?
Halloween may be time for tricks and treats, but the current American economy may be the scariest factor of all. Will tricky economic times take the treat out of trick or treating this year? Will Halloween be a trick or a treat for Americans this year?

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  1. Kids and adults alike being out of their home and participating in trick-or-treating is a fun sight to behold, that is why, me and my friends are annually dressing up as our favorite wrestlers to have fun while we entertain the homeowners with our speeches. In our group, I usually go as Triple H while wearing my front lace wigs that resembles his and a fake sledgehammer. The possibilities are endless with various human hair wigs and your imagination.



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