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Today Is Tooth Fairy Day

Today Is Tooth Fairy Day

What is the tooth fairy tradition in your family?

Today is the day to celebrate the tooth fairy. InciDENTALly, here are a few articles that might be of interest, as you BITE into this holiday.

Tooth Fairy Treat - How to Make a Tooth Fairy Pillow
Children usually lose their primary, or deciduous, teeth between ages six and thirteen. These baby teeth become loosened and shed when permanent teeth begin to erupt from the gums.

This music makes my molars hurt, Envisioning a crisp white shirt, A misting spray, cold air to spurt, The drill approaching, "Pain alert!"
Victory is sweet, especially at the Olympic Games. But sweets are bad for teeth. German luger David Moeller would probably agree. Taking second place in the men's luge singles at Vancouver, David Moeller broke a tooth on his silver medal in his mouth.
"The leading lady was a little long in the tooth for that role." Is this a dental description or metaphorical evaluation? What is "long in the tooth"? This phrase chews someone out, at least indirectly, but what is the definition of this biting criticism?
"Let's ask Bucky to do it. He's such an eager beaver." Have you heard this animal expression before? Does an eager beaver really represent a buck-toothed beast? What does it mean when we call someone "an eager beaver"?
What's your poison, coffee or tea? Most adults prefer one or the other. After all, caffeine is a super pick-me-up. Hot or cold, black or doctored, our favorite daytime drinks are laced with it.
A South Carolina jury awarded $2 million to a woman who sued a dental clinic for pulling too many teeth. It sounded like a bad movie or a Gothic horror story. Elizabeth Smith will need a full set of upper teeth to replace the extracted ones.

Using a dirty or germy toothbrush can undo a world of good! By inserting a bacteria-laden tool into your mouth, you may actually be re-infecting yourself! How can you keep your toothbrush clean?

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  1. I have no idea that today's tooth fairy day! These tips will be helpful for all the moms out there. My aunt loves crafting and doing stuff for her kids, and I'm sure that she'll definitely love these tips you had given. And her daughter just visited some of her dentists (Myrtle Beach area) and has her tooth pulled. So maybe my aunt will make tooth fairy stuff for her child.



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