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Goodwill and Grenades?

Goodwill and Grenades?

Business is booming at Goodwill Industries these days. Or so it would seem.

Perhaps it is difficult for some folks to pin down which household items are suitable to charitable donation ... and which are not. Does it really take a rocket scientist to clean out a closet or two?

It’s the back-to-school season, and many of us are trying to organize our homes. We are organizing our stuff, and filling bags and bins for charitable donations.

Let’s see … how about donating these outgrown gym shoes, this extra backpack and this football sweatshirt from two years ago? Maybe we should pass along those leftover salad plates, the bath towels we just replaced and the old patio furniture.

Gee, what about that old hand grenade?

On Thursday, September 3rd, someone actually donated a grenade to a Goodwill Industries Store in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The same benefactor apparently also pitched a pistol, some ammunition and even a packet of marijuana in the Goodwill donation box.

Local police officers in Albuquerque, New Mexico, actually evacuated the entire Goodwill Store before removing the weaponry and contraband items. The hand grenade turned out to be a World War II replica, which was inactive.

Still, we have to wonder whether the Goodwill store manager might have blown a fuse ... or a gasket ... just to be faced with diffusing the potentially dangerous situation. Surely his ticker was shot at the thought.

This was not the first time weapons have appeared in Goodwill donation boxes.

A week earlier, on Wednesday, August 25th, a hand grenade was uncovered in a donation bin at a Goodwill store in Mundelein, Illinois. The Goodwill facility was evacuated, and the bomb squad from nearby Waukegan, Illinois, was summoned to remove the non-explosive training grenade.

Last May, several Goodwill stores in North Carolina discovered military training grenades in their donation bins as well.

And in January 2009, police in Eugene, Oregon, collected a grenade in a local Goodwill store too.

Making charitable donations can be enjoyable – even a blast – but this is ridiculous. Maybe Goodwill Industries will have to hire bomb-sniffing dogs, just to inspect donated parcels.

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