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Crane Game Eats Child?

Crane Game Eats Child?

OK, this is one of those proverbial “man bites dog” stories, if I ever heard one.

How can a kid get stuck inside a vending machine?

Only in Mad-Town.

Yesterday (on October 3rd), a nine-year-old Wisconsin boy may have become a bit antsy, while shopping at a WalMart store near Madison with his parents, identified as Mr. and Mrs. Hanson.

Hey, it happens.

Apparently, Mom and Dad handed the kid a few quarters and sent him off to play with the toy vending machine. Perhaps they hoped the Giant Claw game would keep the lad busy while they finished shopping or checking out with the Walmart cashier.

But the boy had another idea. He crawled through the toy-drop slot and into the Giant Claw machine. (That hole is about 1’ x 1’ – so no one seems to know how he managed it.)

Finding the nine-year-old inside the toy machine, along with the Beanie Babies and plush animal prizes, WalMart staffers called Sun Prairie firefighters to extract him. In fact, the kid seemed to be having so much fun in his own private plaything paradise that he seemed reluctant to come out.

"We actually tried to get his attention a few times 'cause he was playing, so I mean he was happy to be in there, but I don't think mom and dad were too happy," said Lt. Dan Cotter of the Sun Prairie Fire Department.

Finally, the offer of two take-home toys seemed to satisfy the Hansons’ son. As the boy exited from the Sun Prairie Walmart with his parents, folks could see the printing on the back of the youngster's tee shirt, which simply read:


Parents everywhere may be scratching their heads at that one. What would you say to a child who pulled a stunt like that in a store?

We have all heard of folks being caught with their hands stuck in cookie jars … but kids stuck in vending machines? Where’s Mr. Ripley when we need him?

Unbelievably, this sort of thing has happened before:

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  1. You quote the Bible on your website. I hope you have a kind, understanding heart when it comes to this child and his family. You don't know the whole story, and I hope you are not posting this for others to laugh and pass judgment. You have NO idea.

  2. Interesting angle. Does the commenter above have inside info to offer?
    How about a SIGNED comment with more details? Perhaps there may be a lesson here for other parents.



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