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New PMS milk ads: Savvy or sexist?

New PMS milk ads: Savvy or sexist?

Have you seen the California Milk Processor Board’s new advertisements? These ad spots are making quite a splash, as fans and frenzied critics claim the promos are either witty or downright repulsive.

Take a look at these images from the print ads, created by San Francisco’s Goodby, Silverstein & Partners.

What do you think?

Does your stomach curdle to think of dairy products being linked to premenstrual syndrome (PMS) or even menstruation?

If you are a woman, have you ever actually craved milk while PMS-ing?

Gee, did anyone mention chocolate? How about salty-crunchy? Where does milk actually fit into that scheme of PMS cravings, anyway?
Are your heckles raised yet?

Do you find it offensive that the commercials seem to claim milk can cure PMS or that they poke fun at this unpleasant condition? What’s your take on these ads? Do you think they mock men or women?

How about that website,

Is this milk ad series funny or just plain foul?

Maybe the headline-hogging scandal is actually advantageous for the West Coast dairy producers, giving them a chance to milk this promotional opportunity for all it’s worth. 

Or has it gone sour, with all of the claims of sexism?

Still, the ads beg the question. Do men suffer from their own variety of PMS? What would you call it, if they did?

Photo screenshots (widely circulated) from California Milk Processor Board advertisements

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