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Halloween countdown - for trick or treating costumes

Halloween countdown - for trick or treating costumes

The trick or treating countdown has begun! 

Have you picked your Halloween costume theme yet? What will you be for Beggar's Night, costume contests, masquerade balls or school classroom parties?

What will you be for Halloween trick or treating this year?

Parents and children of all ages love to make masquerades for this autumn holiday. 

From superheroes to celebrities, ghosts and goblins to fairy princesses and fine princes, Halloween costumes are the rage each fall.

Check out these super Halloween costuming concepts:
Feeling a little crafty for Halloween?

Why not try your hand at creating your own do-it-yourself trick or treating costume?
Even pets may get into the act for Halloween trick or treating!
What’s your favorite Halloween costume of all time?

Here are a few magic memories from friends and writing colleagues, looking at trick or treating days of their own childhoods.
Take a peek back at last year’s favorite get-ups.

How many of these clever costumes showed up at your own front door last year on Halloween, begging for candies and other treats? How about those classroom parties and masquerade balls?
What will be the most popular Halloween costumes for trick or treating in 2011?

Be sure to leave a comment with your best guesses.

And here’s an eco-friendly reminder.

Don’t just toss those trick or treating costumes, once Halloween is over. Pass ‘em on!
Halloween Trick or Treaters
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  1. Super suggestions and that's great advice to pass along your costume.

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