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Christmas Cookie Roundup

Christmas Cookie Roundup

The holiday season is underway. Can you smell the fresh cookies baking?

What’s your favorite Christmas cookie? Are you given to gingerbread, partial to pralines, mad for macaroons or a chump for chocolate chips? Do you prefer bars, drop cookies or cut-out creations?

Are you most likely to purchase your holiday cookies, or do you bake them yourself? If you do make your own, do you start from scratch or buy pre-mixed cookie dough?

My favorite recipes for holiday munching include:
Do you have a beloved baking recipe from Christmases past or present?

In recent years, with gravity going after my physique, I’ve sampled lighter recipes for Christmas cookie baking. I’m always looking for new Low-Fat Holiday Cookie Recipes to share.

Creative cookie cutters add to Christmas baking fun.

I love collecting holiday cookie cutters too. Like many cooks, I have a big box of different shapes and sizes. Bells, candy canes, Christmas trees, flowers, hearts, stars, wreaths and other choices tumble to my kitchen counter each December. I even have bunny, dog bone, feet, frog, hand and whale cookie cutters.

My most popular cookies are usually shaped like horses, made from sugar cookie or molasses gingerbread dough and painted with frosted manes and tails. (Those who know me best know why this is so.)
Each Christmas, I love experimenting with new cookie recipes.

This year, I’m thinking of trying the new super-popular saltine toffee and perhaps some new truffles. Recently, I sampled these tasty treats at a holiday gathering, and I was intrigued. Now, if I could just talk the party hostess into spilling the secrets of these dessert delights…

And why not? Calories don’t count at Christmas, if you’re filled with holiday spirit. Or do they?

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