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Make a Note! It's I Forgot Day

July 2nd is I Forgot Day. Did you remember?

No one seems to be able to recall the origins of this thoughtful holiday, but it was probably important anyway. Maybe it was merely momentous.

Who SAYS an elephant never forgets?
Do you remember facts and figures easily? Or do you struggle to bring details to mind soon after learning them?

Are you good with people’s names? Can you quickly recall folks’ monikers, even after meeting them just once or twice?

What tricks do you use to improve your ability to remember important information?

Do you jot notes or send yourself text messages? Do you make flash cards or put sticky notes on your mirror? Or do you simply remember easily, like the proverbial elephant, who supposedly never forgets?

If you need a bit of a boost with memorizations, check out these helpful how-to’s from a host of web writers.

(Gee, I might need that book.)

Memories can be magical, but memory loss can be a nightmare for many. What can you do to maximize your own ability to retain your memory and remember important facts and tasks? Here are 10 tips for keeping track of critical details.

There are just as many tricks to memory enhancement out there as there are things to remember, but I believe I've found one that's full proof. It's worked for everyone I've ever recommended it to, and now I'm recommending it to you.

Memorization Tips – Elizabeth Tabler
The older we get, it becomes a little harder to memorize the information presented. For students, the amount of information they are to memorize on a weekly basis can increase exponentially yearly.

Memorize a Speech – Courtney Crass
Learning to memorize a speech can be a difficult and arduous task. No matter how long the speech that you want to memorize is, there are some simple things you can do to speed up your memorization time. Just follow these simple steps.

Scripture Memory Techniques – Linda Ann Nickerson
Busy adults can't always take time to leaf through the pages of Scripture to find the verse they need - in a crunch! This article outlines several practical ways to commit favorite Bible verses and quotations to memory.

There is something special about taking the words from a playwright, memorizing them and then making them my own. In stage lingo, this is typically referred to as "Going off Book." While you should always be off-book by this deadline, I've found that rehearsing is much easier if you memorize your lines sooner.

Before sending your child to school or somewhere on their own, you should make it a point to help them memorize their home address and phone number.

Quick recall!

What day is it on July 2nd? It’s I Forgot Day. Did we really have to remind you?

Elephant by Sophie47
Creative Commons Licensing/Wikipedia Commons Photos

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