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Dunk this! It's Eat an Oreo Day!

Today is Eat an Oreo Day.

Who’d have thunk it? Go ahead. Dunk it.

It’s a foodie holiday, celebrated on June 19th. But who's gonna eat just one Oreo cookie? Is that even possible?

How do you eat your Oreos?

Do you twist and open a cookie first? What’s next? Do you eat the frosting right away, or leave it on the wafer?

And do you dunk your Oreos in milk? How about chocolate milk or strawberry-flavored milk?

What’s your favorite Oreo flavor?

Are you a traditionalist or an adventurous sampler, when it comes to Oreo cookies? And do you pick regular or double-stuffed oreos?

The widely touted newest Oreo filling flavor is watermelon. That doesn’t exactly rock my boat, but I’d bet plenty of folks will try this quirky one. Hey, it might be just right for the Fourth of July, when partygoers start spitting seeds before the fireworks.

Nabisco has tried dozens of varieties of Oreo sandwich cookies. Long-term and limited-release flavors have included:

  • banana split
  • berry burst
  • birthday (sparkled)
  • candy corn
  • chocolate
  • Christmas
  • cookies and cream
  • cool mint
  • creamsicle
  • DQ Blizzard
  • Easter
  • fudge
  • green tea
  • Halloween
  • ice cream
  • Neapolitan
  • peanut butter
  • peppermint
  • spring
  • strawberry cream
  • strawberry milkshake
  • sugar-free
  • vanilla
  • and more.

What’s next? Cheese Oreos? 

There's even an Oreo breakfast cereal and Oreo Pop-Tarts.

Personally, I’d prefer an altogether different variety of Oreo. Can you guess what that is? Here’s my favorite Oreo idea of all.

Hey, Nabisco! Bring it on.

Oreo Dunking by Andy Melton
Creative Commons Licensing

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