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Product Review: Campbell's Homestyle Healthy Request Spicy Vegetable Chili

Campbell’s says, “Soup is good food.” And often, it is.

I’ve been a lifetime fan of many Campbell’s soup varieties. I rarely complete a weekly grocery store run without scooping up at least a few cans of Campbell's 98% Fat Free Cream of Chicken Soup for last-minute chicken casseroles or pot pies. (I know lots of people use Campbell's Cream of Mushroom Soup instead, but I hate mushrooms.)

And I always keep some Campbell's Healthy Request Chicken with Rice Soup on hand, in case anyone falls ill and needs an extra gentle supper.

Hey, soup is handy and fun. And it makes a quick lunch or supper, especially when in chilly weather.

Speaking of chilly …

On my last trip to the supermarket, I grabbed a can of Campbell's Homestyle Healthy Request Spicy Vegetable Chili. I love chili, and I thought I’d try it on one of those nights when my teens were at work or out with friends.

Last night was damp and cold, so I eagerly heated up the chili. I poured it into a favorite bowl and settled in for a toasty treat.

Only it wasn’t. This soup was spicy, but it tasted somewhat artificial. The base was gritty and powdery. Most of the beans were broken and squashed.

Raised a New England Yankee, I am reluctant to waste anything. And I really don’t like panning products.

But I could not eat this chili. I didn’t even want to give it to the dog. (That’d be a bad idea, anyway. ‘Nuff said.)

I poured out the Campbell's Homestyle Spicy Vegetable Chili, made a PB&J, and called it a night.

Next time I visit the soup aisle at the grocery store, I’m sticking with one of these:

(Several members of my family have MSG sensitivities, so we stick with this special line of soups, if we can.) 

I still like Campbell’s Soups, but I’m not going for the chili again.

And what happened to the delicious Healthy Request Beef with Barley Soup, Campbell’s? We can’t find it anymore.

Disclaimer: I am neither employed nor affiliated in any way with the product/s mentioned herein or anyone associated with it. I received no remuneration or compensation from the manufacturer/s for this post.

Campbell's Homestyle Healthy Request Spicy Vegetable Chili
Product photo by Practically at Home

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  1. Thanks for the honest review!! Sorry it ended in a PB&J night! ~Angela

  2. I love this soup. Glad they are starting to have more variety without meat.



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