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Snow day magic: 21 ways to bring on a school snow day

Try these marvelous magic tricks for snow day success.

“It’s a snow day!  No school today!”

Who doesn’t jump for joy at these welcome winter words? Obviously, education is important, but the occasional sudden snow day off from school can be a rare gift indeed.

Across the Northern half of the United States (and in many other areas as well), youngsters for years have practiced marvels and mystical techniques for conjuring up snow days. Countless teachers (and even parents and school principals) have participated in snow day magic tricks as well.

One might even jokingly call these snow day tricks white magic. Would you like to know these wintry wonders for causing school closures for snow?

Adapted from public domain photo.

First, what makes a snow day so marvelous?

A snow day is a surprise gift, an unexpected respite.

At the first sign of snow, students and teachers awaken early to stare at the news-flash tickers at the bases of their television screens, watching county after county list their school closures. Others click eagerly on cell phones and computers, checking online listings for snow-closed schools.

Prayers are uttered, fingers are crossed and wishes are made.

“Please! Please! Please! List our school,” kids of all ages cry out.

Finally, as the desired schools are listed among the snow day school closures, youngsters and educators may rejoice, even as working parents begin pounding the phones to arrange emergency child care for the day.

A snow day is an unplanned vacation day.

No one seems to mind that too many snow day school closures may extend the end of the school year or cause the omission of certain teacher workshop days during the spring semester. In fact, no one seems to mind an occasional snow day school closure at all.

Students who have completed their homework and teachers who have finished their classroom preparations the night before may be delighted to have the day off – with no agendas or obligations. Those who may have fallen behind on their assignments may see a snow day as a rescue, offering them a one-day extension to finish their projects.

For all of these reasons – and perhaps more – students and teachers have practiced snow day magic tricks for generations, hoping to tip the scales and mystically make meteorological matters work in their favor. According to most kids, of course, the snow day magic tricks only work with maximum (or unanimous) participation at any particular school.

Certain students have been blamed for failing to perform snow day magic tricks – when the snow day magic has not resulted in days off from school.

Whether these snow day marvels work or not may be difficult to prove or disprove, but folks swear by these legends. 

What are the snow day magic tricks?

Snow day magic includes a myriad of steps. To optimize results, students and teachers may perform each and every snow day magic trick – at the first sign of snow. Here are 21 of the most popular snow day magic tricks:

NOTE: Written by this author, this copyrighted material originally appeared on another publisher’s site. That site no longer exists. This author (LAN/Practically at Home) holds all rights to this content. No republication is allowed without permission.

  1. Do all your homework.
  2. Draw a white chalk outline all the way around your bedroom doorframe.
  3. Drop a snowball in the toilet.
  4. Hide a frozen white crayon under your bed.
  5. Line your bedroom doorway with white crayons.
  6. Place a white plastic spoon on your bedroom windowsill.
  7. Plan a couple of extra appointments for the day.
  8. Put a white crayon in the freezer.
  9. Run five times around the kitchen table in each direction, while wearing pajamas.
  10. Set a white stuffed animal toy on your windowsill.
  11. Sleep backwards in your bed (head to foot).
  12. Sleep in pajamas, but while wearing them backwards.
  13. Spin around ten times in each direction, wearing pajamas.
  14. Sprinkle several ice cubes in the toilet.
  15. Stand on your head, and sing “Frosty the Snowman.”
  16. Stash a soup spoon under your pillow.
  17. Stick something silver under your pillow.
  18. Store a snowball in the freezer.
  19. Throw ice cubes at a tree outside.
  20. Tuck a wooden spoon under your pillow.
  21. Wear pajamas inside out.

Of course, after completing all of these snow day magic tricks, folks may find themselves so tuckered out that they actually need a day off.

Do snow day magic tricks work?

Whether the weather is affected by snow day magic tricks may be debatable, but snow-loving folks seem to enjoy the process.

No one seems to know the origins (or meanings) of these snow day magic tricks. But snow day magic tricks sure are fun … and you can take that to the (snow) bank.

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