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Jelly Bean Gospel - An Easter Rhyme for Kids of All Ages

Jelly Bean Gospel –
An Easter Rhyme for Kids of All Ages

But Jesus called the children to Him and said,
"Let the little
children come to me,
and do not hinder them,
for the
kingdom of God
belongs to such as these.
I tell you the
anyone who will not
kingdom of God
like a little
will never enter it."
Luke 19:16-17)

These little sweets
Are really neat.
You can share God’s Good News
With whomever you meet.

Gold is for God,
Our Maker and King.
He rules over everything.

Black is our sin,
Things we do, think and say,
Which are not God’s way.

Red is Christ’s blood,
Poured out from the cross,
To pay for our loss.

White is your heart,
When you give it to Him
And new life you begin.

Pink is the joy
You know in your soul
When He makes you whole.

Blue is the way
You stand up and say,
Jesus washed my sins away!

Green is for growing
And loving and showing
Your faith, which is glowing.

These little beans
Tell what it means
To live for Jesus
And do as He pleases.

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