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Totally Tissue Flowers

Totally Tissue Flowers

Fancy and fluffy paper flowers are simple to make, and they’re not just for homecoming floats or high school proms in the gym! Tissue paper flowers are ideal for party decorations, table place card holders, gift wrapping tie-ons and guests’ take-home party favors, as well as fun children’s crafts.

Totally Tissue Flowers – Supplies:

Several sheets of gift wrapping tissue papers (in your choice of colors)
Floral wire or pipe cleaners
Green construction paper
Green floral tape

Totally Tissue Flowers – Instructions:

Open out several sheets of tissue paper. Cut these in half, width-wise. This will create two smaller rectangles.

Stack five to seven sheets of tissue paper, arranging colors in the order you desire. (The top sheets will eventually form the center of your flower.)

Place your stack of tissue papers on a counter or flat surface, laying it out vertically (up and down). Beginning at the top, carefully fold down one inch of the stack of tissue papers, through all thicknesses, all the way across. Crease it well.

Flip the papers over, with the new fold at the top. Again, neatly fold down one inch of all of the papers (now double-thick, including the last fold). Crease it well.

Flip the papers over, with the new fold at the top. And again, fold down one inch of all of the papers (now triple-thick, including the last fold). Crease it well.

Continue this process, until the entire tissue stack is folded, back and forth, like an accordion.

Pick up the folded stack of tissue papers. Fold it in half across its width, to find the center. Fasten the center of the stack by folding a wire or pipe cleaner across the center and twisting it closed underneath. (This will form the stem of your flower.)

If you wish, you can use your scissors to cut each end of the folded stack into a curve. This will create scalloped edges on your flower petals!

You can also dab a bit of color to the edges, for a hybrid flower effect.

Fluff Out Your Flowers!

Open out the stack of tissue papers, to form a pleated circle.

Begin lifting up the top tissue paper sheet, all the way around. Crinkle it, as you do. This will create the center layer of flower petals, resembling a fluffy peony or rose.

Repeat the process with all of your tissue paper layers.

If you wish, you can adorn the stem of your tissue paper flower, by cutting leaves from the green construction paper. Fasten these to the wire or pipe cleaner with the green floral tape. Continue taping up and down the entire wire or pipe cleaner.

Fancy Flower Favors

Here’s another option: Why not leave the pipe cleaner bare, and wind it around a hair clip, barrette, or brooch pin (available at craft stores)? What a lovely accessory gift or party favor!

Easter Bunny Surprise

Or, the Easter Bunny might choose to fasten a few tissue paper flowers to the handle of an Easter basket before delivering it to an eager child.

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