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Thanksgiving Tables - Napkin Folding Know-How

Thanksgiving Tables - Napkin Folding Know-How

Thanksgiving is coming soon. Do you need some tips for setting your holiday table? Try these napkin-folding tips. (CTRL-click on each title to open it in a new online window.)

Nine Napkin-Folding Designs For Flawless Holiday Dinner Tables

Fancy folded napkins add pizazz and panache to any table setting, particularly during a holiday season. How can you achieve professional quality results at home? Try these nine designs. You will be ready for company anytime!

Napkin Folding: The Arrow

This simple, elegant napkin-folding design offers a softer look than the crisply pleated ones.

Napkin-Folding: The Basic Square Silverware Pouch

Fold a tidy pocket to hold an entire place setting of silverware for a banquet or party.

Napkin-Folding: The Basic Triangle Silverware Pouch

Create a tidy table with this artistic pouch design, which is ideal for a buffet table.

Napkin-Folding: The Diamond

This super-simple design is quick and easy to learn. Also the diamond fold is an ideal choice, if you have napkins that are beginning to look a little wilted.

Napkin-Folding: The Goblet Fan

The goblet fan is quite possibly the most popular folded napkin design of all. Restaurants and banquet halls seem to favor this traditional style, probably because of its simple elegance.

Napkin-Folding: The Pocket

The Pocket is super easy to accomplish, but it offers a traditional and tidy look on your dining table or sideboard.

Napkin-Folding; The Rose

What could be more elegant than a lovely rose? This fancy folding design appears intricate and complex, but it truly is not.

Napkin Folding: The Sail

This is quite possibly the simplest folded napkin design of all. However, it works best with stiffer fabric napkins.

Napkin-Folding: The Standing Fan

This fancy design creates a dazzling table display, but it is quite simple to accomplish.

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  1. Setting the table properly is an essential part of dining etiquette. From casual family meals to formal dinner parties, a table that is set correctly reflects the dedication of the host.



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