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Thanksgiving Turkey Defrosting Tips

Thanksgiving Turkey Defrosting Tips

Thanksgiving is one week away. Is it time to defrost the turkey?

If you purchased a frozen turkey for Thanksgiving, you may need to begin defrosting soon. Remember, a frozen turkey requires approximately one day for every five pounds to thaw completely for cooking.

Need specific how-to’s for safely thawing the bird?

CTRL-click here to read

Turkey Defrosting: Days and Days

for complete instructions on turkey defrosting methods.

Are you wondering what you might serve with your delicious Thanksgiving turkey? Check out the links below for wonderful holiday recipes for festive foods.

Are your Thanksgiving guests offering to bring side dishes to your Turkey Day feast and gathering? Why not share a few of these links with them?

Thanksgiving Turkey How-To’s:

"Thanksgiving Turkey: Step-by-Step"

Thanksgiving Recipes:

"Autumn Corn Bread"

"Place-Kickers Potato Chowder"

"Pumpkin Loaf"
"Spinach and Strawberry Spiral and Spin Salad"

"Thanksgiving Cranberry Sauce Recipes to Please"
Thanksgiving Recipes: Super-Simple Squash

Delicious Thanksgiving Desserts:

"Blond Brownies: A 3-Ingredient Family Favorite"

"Easy Peanut Brittle: Microwaving Makes Magic"

"Sugar Cookies Recipes: The Simple and Super-Simple Way"

"Truly Tasty Truffles: Make 'Em with Marshmallows"

Thanksgiving Fun:

"How to Make Your Own Thanksgiving Pinata"

Thanksgiving Leftovers:

"8 Delicious Uses for Holiday Leftovers (Especially Turkey)"

"Turkey Chili: A Delicious Supper on a Chilly Day"

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