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Fun with Holiday Greeting Cards

Fun with Holiday Greeting Cards


I finally finished our family Christmas cards for 2008. The cards are printed, signed, addressed and sent.

Merry Christmas to all!

Although I am a writer by trade, I truly do not wish to compose an annual family Christmas letter, newsletter, newspaper or other informative item. Quite frankly, I stay in touch fairly regularly with loved ones by telephone, email, online networking and in person.

For more than a decade, I have created a photo collage for our family Christmas card each year. This started as a solution for a personal frustration: it simply became too difficult to assemble the gang, grab a stand-in photographer and select a picture all participants found palatable.

The family photo collage answers this dilemma, while providing a pictorial outline of the past year. New babies, sons- and daughters-in-law, pets, homes and other developments are easily recorded.

What is your personal Christmas, Hanukkah or holiday card strategy? Do you purchase pre-printed holiday cards, or do you make your own? Do you write personal notes on all of the cards you send, or do you include a typewritten letter? Do you hand-write envelopes, or do you print out computerized labels for mailing?

The links listed below lead to several articles I have written and published online, which include creative and helpful tips for producing your own holiday greeting cards.

Holiday greetings to you, as you prepare and send your Christmas, Hanukkah or holiday cards!

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