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Let's Not Make a Big To-Do About It, But . . .

Let's Not Make a Big To-Do About It, But . . .

Top Ten Things on My Own To-Do List

My writing docket is overflowing these days, but so is my to-do list. Ah, the joys of self-employment, where everybody knows your name, but not your game. How does the task list seem to grow each day? Here are the top ten things on my to-do list this spring:

Spring Cleaning: The Bedroom Closet

I may be taking a leap of faith here, but we seem to be approaching that glorious time of year. Perhaps next week we will need to stash the heavy woolen sweaters, in favor of tees and tank tops. OK, so I may keep a hoodie or two in the closet, along with a few dress jackets for fancier occasions.

Still, it sure will feel good to tuck those toasty winter togs away for a few months.

Spring Cleaning: The Car

Confession is healthy, right? I must admit, I have a basket of soggy winter hats and gloves in the back of the family car. The next warm day we have, I promise to wash and pack those items. While the car is uncluttered, I might even drag the vacuum outside and whisk away the winter dust and street salt that has collected on the carpet and floor mats.

Spring Cleaning: The Coat Closet

Those arctic parkas are due for a laundering As soon as I'm sure we won't be dragging them out again, I'll tackle that task.

Spring Cleaning: The Computer Hard Drive

Although this is not exactly a seasonal task, as I must do this one fairly frequently, it appears on the spring roster anyway. Perhaps it is time to sort out those old photo and graphics files and delete those that are already uploaded to a safe place.

Maybe a spurt of inspiration will strike, and I will even burn some disks to store more previously published items and clear up a few more bytes.

Spring Cleaning: The Craft Cupboard

Scissors, hole punchers, crayons, markers and other crafty items seem to reproduce on their own in the winter months. This is a well-recorded idiosyncrasy of craft supplies, a true freak occurrence in nature.

The sewing cabinet boasts a similar tale. Fabrics, trims and notions have mysteriously crept out of their appointed areas.

Spring Cleaning: The Freezer

As the ground thaws outside, so must the freezer and fridge be defrosted. Outdated items have got to go. (Of course, we're still speaking of food items only, not anything with God-given facial features.)

Spring Cleaning: The Garage

A set of unbuilt shelves beckons from the garage, along with the electric drill and screwdriver. Who says a woman can’t manage a few power tools?

Spring Cleaning: The Garden Beds

The final dead-heading of fall was preempted by an early snow last year. My green thumb and other fingers are itching to dig in the dirt.

Spring Cleaning: The Kitchen Cabinets

Readers, relax. I have no designs for alphabetizing the contents of my kitchen cupboards. Still, the storage areas could stand a bit of spring organization. Who knows what culinary surprises might lurk behind those soup cans and cereal boxes?

Spring Cleaning: The Office

Ever the bane of the freelance writer, my office calls me to task. Actually, an overabundance of tasks is probably the root of the problem. Financial files, supply receipts, research packets and story starts have all but obliterated my bulletin board and desk space.

Of course, the invoices go out on time, along with the tax receipts. Still, a bit of spring cleaning could do a body and brain a bit of good.

There you have it - my top ten.

Gee, I think I need a nap now.

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