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Countdown to Summer Vacation

We have nearly made it through another school year. How the months have flown. It's almost time to toss those weekly planners and stash those books for another year.

Teachers, students and parents - get set to celebrate!

Celebrate summer!

How will you spend the summer? Are you planning a family vacation? Will you go to summer camp, attend summer school, play summer sports or get a summer job? How about summer theater, art classes, team sports or vacation Bible school?

What hobbies or crafts have you wanted to practice or pursue all year long? Do you have a summer reading list or a pile of fascinating books you have planned to read this summer?

Are you simply itching to start digging in your garden?

Will you take a trip to Europe, Australia, Hawaii or another exotic spot? Walk on the Great Wall of China or the French Riviera? Will you visit Cape Cod, Door County, the Jersey Shore or the Pacific Coast?

What are your summer plans?

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