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Memorial Day

Burning in Our Hearts
We will not forget the courage and sacrifice of the firefighters and other rescuers who lost their lives in the tragic terrorist attack on the Twin Towers in New York City. This rhymed poem offers a tribute to the fallen.

Memorial Day Poems - Dress Blues

Memorial Day Poems - A Rhyme Embossed with Freedom's Cost.
On Memorial Day, we honor our fallen soldiers from present days and days gone by. Liberty comes at a dear price, particularly when that cost becomes personal.
(Is it ever not personal?)

No Picnic - Remembering Memorial Day
On Memorial Day, especially, may we remember our veterans and those who gave their lives for freedom. Even as we plan Memorial Day picnics and festivities, let us not forget the price they paid.

The Postcard: a Late Arrival and Love's Revival
What happens when a postcard is mailed, but it arrives many years too late?

Wave of Glory - a Poetic Manner on the American Banner
Hands upon our hearts, we stand, As you fly, so bold and grand, What a lovely sight, on view, America's red, white and blue.

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