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Ruminating and Communicating

Ruminating and Communicating

Friday Fill-In #132

Just for fun, here's my entry for this week's prompt. The prompts are in bold, and my answers are in italics.

1. The last thing I ate was
a cupful of Cheerios and some cut-up cantaloupe for breakfast. (CTRL-click here to read “Making Up Time: An Advisory Ode.”)

A new digital camera is something I recently bought. (CTRL-click here to read” Choosing and Using a Digital Camera.”)

3. When it rained, it
flooded our entire basement. We now find ourselves in the middle of a complete reconstruction project. (CTRL-click here to read the story: “Soggy Stuff and Sure Enough.”)

4. The veterinarian was the first person I talked to today. My teen’s puppy, the contraband canine, will need a costly surgery. Aaaaargh! (CTRL-click here to read “Furry Flurry: On One Who Drools Against the Rules.”)

5. Hugs are
happy. Someone has said the average person needs a dozen hugs a day for overall health. Who knows where that came from? My favorite hugs come from my horse, of course. Hey, who said huggers have to be human? (CTRL-click here to read “Royalty Spoilty: Limericked Joy for a Favorite Boy.”)

Of course, the worst kind of hug is the M.S. hug. Does anyone know how that feels? It gives chest pains a whole new dimension. (CTRL-click here to read “No MiStake.”)

P.J. pants offer extra comfort. ’Nuff said.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to grabbing some sunshine and losing a headache. (CTRL-click here to read “Headache Helpers.”)

Tomorrow my plans include gardening, horseback riding and a local fair. (CTRL-click here to read “Don’t Smile at Me That Way” on a trip to the county fair.)

Sunday, I want to go to a horse expo. (CTRL-click here to read “Copper Champion.”)

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  1. I had Cheerios, too!
    Happy Friday. :)

  2. Just doing some blog surfing and found your blog through Laced by Grace. Really enjoyed my visit.



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