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Back to School

School starts soon!

It seems as if everyone is gearing up for the first day of school. (How did the summer fly by so fast?) Autumn is knocking on September's door, as the month of August escapes all too quickly.

Soon, textbooks will replace beach towels in backpacks and tote bags. School uniforms will substitute for summer clothing styles.

Schools are preparing to begin.

Students are collecting school supplies. Teachers are sharpening red pencils. Principles are preparing for staff meetings. School bus drivers are learning their daily routes.

Are you ready for the first day of school?

Have you purchased back-to-school clothing, school supplies, book bags, gym uniforms, athletic shoes and the other items your children will need for their return to the classroom?

Basic Back-to-School Supplies for Elementary School Students

What items must 1st through 5th graders have on hand for the first day of school? This slide show reveals the most commonly required school supply items for elementary school students. (CTRL-click on the title image - below - to view the slide show in a new window.)

Additional Back-to-School Boosters:

Here are several helpful hints and fun items, as you prepare for the start of the 2009 - 2010 school year:

Back to School
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Dorm Form
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