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Wild State Fair Foods

Did you visit your state fair or county fair this summer?

What was the wildest food you tried at your state fair or county fair?

What was the strangest state fair or county fair food item you found on a stick?

What was the craziest chocolate-covered food item at your state fair or county fair?

What was your favorite fare at your state fair or county fair? Do you love the cream puffs, corn dogs, snow cones, barbecued ribs, candied popcorn or other fair fare the most?

How about this one? Did you ever try chocolate-covered bacon? Many Midwesterners crow about this crunchy snack. You can even make this Midwestern fair favorite at home.

How to Make Chocolate-Covered Bacon

What's on the state fair menu? From cotton candy to corn dogs, kringles to cream puffs, popcorn to potato pancakes, and roasted ribs to pork rinds, state fair food is a tourist's treat. In the Midwest U.S., chocolate-covered bacon is a state fair staple. CTRL-click here for the recipe, so you can make chocolate-covered bacon at home.

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