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A Python in the Potty?

A Python in the Potty?

Just when you think it’s safe to rent a hotel room in the American heartland . . .

What do you do, if your hotel room toilet is clogged? Most likely, you call the hotel front desk, and the hotel staff calls a plumber (or their own maintenance department).

The plumber knocks on your door and tries to fix the errant commode with a plunger. When that doesn’t work, he pulls out – you guessed it – a snake.
But what happens, if the toilet clogger actually is a snake?

Apparently, a female guest in a Hampton Inn in La Vista, Nebraska, discovered a three-foot python in the toilet of her room about a week ago.

Perhaps the surprising serpent was a lost pet, although that particular hotel has a no-pets policy. Maybe the snake had been flushed somehow.

Oddly, the Nebraska snake was not the first python to appear in a potty. 

In 2007, a woman in Brooklyn, New York, discovered a seven-foot python in the toilet of her apartment. And in 2009, an Australian man a ten-foot python in his personal home privy.

What’s the moral of this true story?

Perhaps it’s best to look before you leap!

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