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Top 50 Stressful Universities in the U.S.

Mark Your Calendars for the 2008 Midwest Horse Fair®
Mark Your Calendars for the 2008 Midwest Horse Fair®
Top 50 Stressful Universities in the U.S.

Sure, college can be stressful. Just ask any college or university students – the night before a big exam. 

Too much caffeine ... too little sleep. 
Too many books ... too many overtired brain cells. 
What's a collegian to do?

The Daily Beast examined the top 50 American universities, based on rankings from U.S. News & World Report, and evaluated these schools for stressfulness. 

They used these issues to create a list of the most stressful colleges and universities in the United States:

  • Tuition cost
  • Room and board expenses
  • Academics
  • Acceptance rates
  • Graduate engineering program standards
  • Crime on campus

Here’s the list of the most stressful universities in the U.S., as rated by The Daily Beast.

1) Stanford University
2) Columbia University
3) Massachusetts Institute of Technology
4) University of Pennsylvania
5) Harvard University
6) Princeton University
7) Vanderbilt University
8) Carnegie Mellon University
9) California Institute of Technology
10) Northwestern University
11) University of Chicago
12) Yale University
13) Washington University in St. Louis
14) Dartmouth University
15) Johns Hopkins University
16) Duke University
17) Cornell University
18) University of Southern California
19) Georgetown University
20) Brown University
21) Tufts University
22) Rice University
23) University of California, Berkeley
24) New York University
25) Boston College
26) Emory University
27) Notre Dame University
28) Wake Forest University
29) University of Rochester
30) University of California, Los Angeles
31) Brandeis University
32) Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
33) Lehigh University
34) Tulane University
35) University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
36) University of Virginia
37) University of California, San Diego
38) University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
39) Case Western Reserve University
40) Georgia Institute of Technology
41) University of California, Santa Barbara
42) University of California, Davis
43) University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
44) College of William and Mary
45) University of Wisconsin, Madison
46) Pennsylvania State University
47) University of Texas at Austin
48) University of Washington
49) University of California, Irvine
50) University of Florida

Do you agree or disagree with these rankings? Where does your own alma mater rate – for stressfulness?

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