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A Hankering for Horticulture

A Hankering for Horticulture

With Mother's Day a memory, gardeners in many regions of the Northern Hemisphere are digging out tools and dusting off green thumbs.

It's time to plant.

What are your favorite annual flowers? Have you filled those patio pots yet?

My own fingers are itching to dig in the dirt, as my perennials are springing forth in great green bounty.

Buds are appearing everywhere - from posies to peonies. And my irises are enormous already. The daylilies are exploding in vain verdancy, waiting to fly forth in orange, yellow, red and more hues.

This week, I transplanted a morning glory, put in some bee balm and yarrow and divided some mature perennials from other beds. Plus plenty of weeding.

A plastic kiddie wading pool sits on my patio bricks, filled with a mixture of potting soil and mushroom compost.

Now it's time to head for the garden center and pick up a few annuals for all-season color.

Happy gardening!

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