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Happy Mother's Day 2010

Happy Mother's Day 2010

Happy Mother's Day to: mothers, stepmothers, mothers-in-law, grandmothers, great-grandmothers and more!

What a wonderful time to affirm those marvelous maternal models in our lives.

Artwork (at right) courtesy of Vintage Holiday Crafts.

Happy Mother's Day!

Daughter, sister, mother, wife, aunt, grandmother, stepmother, adoptive mother and more. No matter how many hats one wears, life is a story of love and laughter and loss, a search through sound and silence. The heart is the key.

Grandchildren may play dress-up but no one compares to a special grandmother. Happy Mother's Day!

Take a look at these 10 warm and witty verses for Mother's Day. Or try your own poetic skill and make up your own Mother's Day greeting for your favorite mother, stepmother, grandmother or another special mom in your own life.

"Happy Mom and Stepmom Day!" In blended families, Mother's Day may pose particularly uncomfortable choices for stepparents and stepchildren alike. How can blended families celebrate Mother's Day?
What are the top gift certificates (or gift cards) you might offer a special mother? Here are our top ten purchased gift certificate ideas (or gift cards) for Mother's Day, followed by our top ten do-it-yourself gift certificates for Mother's Day.
Mother's Day is the ideal time to practice poetry with children. Mothers grandmothers, stepmothers, aunts and other special women appreciate thoughtful and personal greetings immensely, particularly at Mother's Day. Here are several creative ways to get started.
Scriptures and Sentiments for Special Moms. . . How can we make our Mother's Day greetings extra memorable? Why not include special Scriptures, selected just for the mothers we love? Here are ten favorite Mother's Day Scriptures (with online Bible links) to get you started. 
Swinging into maturity? Here's how a day at the park may be a metaphor for life, at least for a mother and child. 
What's inside my dresser drawer? Look and you will find - a mother's memories and more - and love that time's refined.

Time for Planting!

And here's some happy news: In most regions of the U.S., Mother's Day is the unofficial start of annual gardening. Time to plant those impatiens, geraniums and more!

Where does a love of gardening begin? Kids love bright flowers, and they adore digging in dirt! Who knows what they might find living under the dirt in a planting bed or window-box? Hands-on practice can sow seeds of interest that last a lifetime.
Johnny Jump-Ups, or violas, are the volunteers of the garden. Plant a few this year, and these dainty, delightful flowers will spring up in unexpected spots for years to come!
Daylilies are a gardener's delight. Faithfully producing dramatic displays of color, these adaptable perennials only improve with age. Even fledgling horticulturalists can enjoy almost immediate with these rewarding and satisfying flowers.
Tulips offer the first splash of dramatic garden color in the spring. This article describes how to plant tulips and care for the emerging flowers.
How to select, plant, and care for Gladioli. These elegant, showy flowers produce a brilliant display of glorious color in the home garden and serve as excellent cut flowers too!

Planning for flowerbeds and other landscaping can pay off in the long run. Cultivating your garden areas in advance will provide ideal environments for your flowers, vegetables, shrubs and other desirable vegetation.

With the advent of spring, allergy sufferers begin sniffling, sneezing and wheezing. Spring has arrived, bringing with it those annoying spring allergies, along with its beautiful flowers. What's an allergy-prone person to do?
Happy Mother's Day. Happy spring. Happy gardening.

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