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Hey, Regis. I Won't Eat Shellfish, Either.

Hey, Regis. I Won't Eat Shellfish, Either.

Regist Philbin visited with David Letterman this week on the "Late Show with David Letterman." Regis Philbin, host of "Live with Regis and Kelly) confessed that he had never before eaten a clam, mussel, oyster or caviar.

Eric Ripper, a celebrity chef, appeared on the set with a tray of prepared shellfish, which David Letterman then offered to Regis Philbin.

"I've looked at it once or twice, but it's not for Regis," Regis Philbin said. "Honest to God, I've very, very terrified of them. They don't look right! They look weird!" 

"C'mon, you're such a wuss," David Letterman said to Regis Philbin. "Have a clam."

Here's the video:



Hey, Regis. I won't eat shellfish, either. But I'm allergic - with anaphylactic allergies to shellfish. So I have, in effect, a doctor's excuse. (Back off, David Letterman. Even your celebrity chef can't entice me to indulge.)

Is the world your oyster? Do you love clams and mussels? How do you feel about caviar? Do you prefer lobster, crab or shrimp? 

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