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Tobacco-Addicted Toddler?

Tobacco-Addicted Toddler?

Letterhead -- Madison
An Indonesian family has lit a fiery debate by allowing their toddler to smoke cigarettes.

Two-year-old Ardi Rizal is addicted to nicotine. Just ask his dad, Mohammed Rizal (30), who spends at least two dollars a day to support his toddler son’s tobacco habit. Apparently, the young Sumatran boy has total tantrums when his parents threaten to cut off his cigarette supply.

(Ardi Rizal - smoking toddler - photo from The Money Times.)

Ardi Rizal’s mom, Diana Rizal (26), has said that she knows her son has a serious situation with cigarettes and that she is hoping to seek medical treatment for his chain-smoking problem. 

Diana Rizal also confessed that she smoked cigarettes throughout her pregnancy with Ardi.
Parents (and others) around the world have buzzed furiously about the smoking toddler, Ardi Rizal. Many have criticized the chain-smoking two-year-old’s parents, who have admitted to allowing their son to pursue his smoking habit. Mohammed Rizal has confirmed that he gave his toddler son his very first cigarette (when the boy has about 18 months old).

Holy smokes!

Why would a two-year-old even be allowed to play with anything incendiary – let alone a smoking cigarette? And what about those young playmates, who breathe second-hand smoke from the smoking toddler?

Here’s the controversial video of the smoking toddler:


What do you think?

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