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What Are America's Top Earning Towns?

What Are America's Top Earning Towns?

Is your village valuable?

Are the streets in your city paved with gold? Does money seem to grow on trees where you live?

Recently, The Daily Beast (an online news highlight site) published a ranking of the top 20 U.S. cities for income levels. The findings (analyzing household incomes in major metropolitan areas across the U.S.) were based on a Regional Income Earnings Index by the Martin Prosperity Institute.

How does your own city stack up?

 Before you scroll down to see the roster of the top 20 richest U.S. cities (in terms of household incomes), see if you can guess correctly.

In which American cities do you think households rake in the most annual earnings? Do you think your own hometown made the top 20 list for yearly household incomes?

Here are the top 20 U.S cities for household earnings.

20. Honolulu, Hawaii
19. Fairbanks, Alaska
18. Worcester, Massachusetts
17. Rochester, Minnesota
16. New York City, New York
15. Baltimore, Maryland
14. Manchester – Nashua, New Hampshire
13. Oxnard – Thousand Oaks – Ventura, California
12. Boulder, Colorado
11. Minneapolis – St. Paul, Minnesota
10. Hartford, Connecticut
9. Norwich – New London, Connecticut
8. Seattle, Washington
7. Anchorage, Alaska
6. Trenton – Ewing, New Jersey
5. Boston, Massachusetts
4. San Francisco, California
3. San Jose, California
2. Stamford, Connecticut
1. Washington, D.C.

Do the results surprise you? Why or why not?

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