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Keeping Abreast of New Ice Cream Flavors

Keeping Abreast of New Ice Cream Flavors

What’s your favorite ice cream flavor? C’mon, don’t be shy. How about human breast milk ice cream? Seriously?

In London, an outfit known as Icecreamists is topping anything Baskin-Robbins or other dairy counters may have dreamed up. Ben & Jerry’s Chubby Hubby has nothing on this one, ice cream fans.

Yep, this shop in Covent Garden is offering Baby Gaga, an ice cream made with human breast milk. In fact, a waitress dressed as Lady Gaga often delivers the goods, served in a martini glass and topped with liquid nitrogen for added effect.

Icecreamists is supposedly charging the British pound equivalent of about $22.50 per serving for human breast milk ice cream.

Holy culinary cleavage, Batman.

Is this a delicacy … or merely decolletage gone bad?

Would you be willing to sample this frozen dairy concoction, or does the mere thought send your stomach a-churning?

Apparently, more than a dozen women have ponied up to offer their own personal breast milk for making ice cream at the well-stacked, er, well-stocked dairy spot.

No one has revealed what the Icecreamists might be willing to pay for human breast milk for their new ice cream flavor. How might a dairy deposit compare, for example to blood donation? How would breast milk on-tap weigh out against other sorts of body fluid deposits (OK, let’s keep this G-rated, folks)?

Rumor has it that the Icecreamists sold out their initial supply of Baby Gaga human breast milk ice cream and had to go searching and advertising for new dairy donors.

Hey, it’s organic, right? Still, the public health issues could be quite complex.

Are your eyes rolling back into your head yet?

Actually, this is not a wholly original concept. Here are a few earlier, but similar instances of human breast milk being considered for dairy production.

If mammary, er, memory serves …

A year ago, a New York chef offered his restaurant patrons samplings of cheese produced from human breast milk. Daniel Angerer, of Klee Brasserie, made Mommy’s Milk Cheese from the secretions of his own fiancee’s mammaries.

Back in 2008, animal rights activists urged Ben & Jerry’s to make human breast milk ice cream. Ben & Jerry’s declined.

So what would you call human breast milk ice cream?

Food purists may feel like having a cow. Icecreamists’ frozen concoction may have gotten the goat of squeamish customers. It may take time for the risque-risking restaurant to button-up their vested interests in their own ice cream business. Certainly, we can hope they are not offering behind-the-scenes factory tours – for all sorts of reasons.

On the other hand, the introduction of Baby Gaga may unveil a few creative concepts. For example, what would you call such a flavor? 

And here's the question everyone may soon be asking. What sort of ice cream will Prince William of Wales and his bride-to-be, Kate Middleton, be serving with their wedding cake in April?

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