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Super Bowl Sunday: Are You Ready for Some Football Fun?

Super Bowl Sunday: Are You Ready for Some Football Fun?

Thank God it’s Friday.

And the Super Bowl is this weekend. Are you ready? Are you hosting a Super Bowl get-together? Where will you watch the big game?

Here are several helpful Super Bowl party items.

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Super Bowl Sunday gives athletes and athletic supporters an opportunity to gather for the NFL's biggest football game. Are you hosting or attending a Super Bowl party this year? Try these Super Bowl XLV word scrambles for a great icebreaker.

Super Bowl parties bring out the football fan in everyone, even folks who can't tell a sack from a blitz. Everybody's an armchair quarterback on Super Bowl Sunday. Test folks at your Super Bowl party with 10 Super Bowl trivia questions for football fans.

Super Bowl Sunday draws folks together for football-friendly fun. Athletes and athletic supporters gather to watch the Super Bowl, the NFL's biggest game. Are you hosting a Super Bowl party this year? Here's a fun activity and crowd icebreaker.

Kick off your Super Bowl party with super party invitations. Invite your favorite sports fans to join you for the big game by sending clever and creative announcements. Here are three easy, but fun, do-it-yourself Super Bowl party invitations you can use.

Super Bowl tickets are selling fast! Real and fake Super Bowl tickets are circulating nationwide. Can you spot a counterfeit Super Bowl ticket? Here are seven steps to identifying real Super Bowl tickets and ruling out fake Super Bowl tickets this year.

Super Bowl Menus and Recipes

Here's a quarter-by-quarter guide to catering the big game with no red flags. You pick the plays! After all, if you host the party, then you have the home field advantage!

This Super Bowl Scrimmage Salsa will drive your football party in the right direction! Make it mild for armchair quarterbacks, or spice it up to get them running!

Serve your sports fans this delicious hot treat during the final quarter of the game, to warm their tummies for the final end-run, as they head home! This hot spiced cider is ideal for sports parties, tailgating events, cold-weather picnics and even holiday gatherings.

This festive and colorful salad is ideal for a football party, tailgating event, picnic or any occasion. Simple to make, it looks elaborate and special.

Additional Super Bowl items of interest:

The ever-growing list of Super Bowl entertainers includes Christina Aguilera, Lea Michele, Fergie and The Black Eyed Peas, Keith Urban, Maroon Five and more.

U.S. President Barack Obama is hosting a Super Bowl Sunday party at the White House. Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony top the President's VIP guest list. Who else is on President Obama's Super Bowl Sunday guest list?

On Super Bowl Sunday 2011, while millions prepare for the year's biggest football game, hundreds of churches will host events of a different sort. Sunday, February 6, 2011, is National Porn Sunday, a one-day anti-pornography event.

Which Super Bowl team do you like the best?

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