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Let’s hear it for Kick Butts Day!

Today is Kick Butts Day across the United States. Here's the 2012 slogan: "Stand Up. Speak Out. Seize Control."

Who’s ready to quit … or perhaps not even start?

What’s Kick Butts Day?

As a horsewoman, here's what I might think of first, upon hearing of such a holiday. Trust me, you don't want to know how this actually feels.
Is that what Kick Butts Day is all about?

Not exactly.

Although smoking can make folks a bit hoarse, Kick Butts Day has nothing to do with the equine world at all.

Horses are way too smart to start smoking in the first place. They may huff and puff and stomp and snort. They may even kick.


Humans are the targets for Kick Butts Day.

What’s more, Kick Butts Day is not about disrespecting others by slamming boots into glutes. It's about an entirely different sort of stomping.
This healthy holiday is all about smoking cessation, tobacco health hazards awareness and prevention of this potentially fatal practice. Several Kick Butts Day programs are aimed at revealing the massive investments made by tobacco marketers and aimed at promoting such products among America’s youth.

Kick Butts Day, sponsored by the United Health Foundation, is organized by the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids. 



Kick Butts Day gatherings, health fairs, lectures and other programs are taking place nationwide. Click here to find a Kick Butts Day event near you.


Who’s ready to kick the habit?

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Butt Kicking by Rea Irvin
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