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Need a home alarm? You already have it!

Worried about a possible burglary in your residence? Are you home alone tonight and concerned about the sudden sound of a broken window or footsteps of an intruder, tromping through your house? (OK, are you creeped out yet?)

Sound the alarm!

Don’t have an in-house security system? Grab your car keys, and press the red “panic” button. Your vehicle alarm will go off. The lights will flash, and the horn will honk.

The car alarm will persist until you switch it off, or the battery runs out.

Your neighbors will wake up and take notice.

More than likely, a possible intruder or would-be burglar will flee.

One of my neighbors did this recently.

Her minivan was parked in the driveway in front of her home. A stranger tapped on her family room window, late one Saturday night, and she set off her car alarm. The creeper fled.

She called 9-1-1 anyway, and a squad car arrived four minutes later. The two officers circled her home and found boot prints in her flower garden, just under the window.


Instead of leaving your car keys on the kitchen counter, in a coat pocket, or in a tote bag, take them along when you retire for the night. Have them close at hand, if only for the peace of mind.

What’s under your pillow?

Of course, the same safeguard works when you’re walking to your car in a dark parking lot, in public garage, or on a city street. If you carry your keys in your hand, you can press the alarm button in a pinch.

Automotive Key Fob
By Scott Ehardt
Public Domain/Wikipedia Commons Photos

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