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Gardening tips: How to pot plants without leaking soil

Spring planting time is coming! Are you starting those seedlings already?

Once you’re ready to transfer those sweet little flower, herb, or vegetable plants into patio pots, how can you prevent precious potting soil from slipping out of the bottom of your garden containers?

The solution is simple – and eco-friendly too!

Save a few old newspapers, magazines, or mail-order gardening tool and supply catalogs. Just be sure they are printed with environmentally-friendly inks.

Tear off a piece of paper to fit in the bottom of each of your planting pots, covering the drainage openings in the bottom.

Pour in the potting soil mix, and plant as usual. The paper will keep the soil in the container and help to minimize fast water run-out as well, but still allow drainage. Eventually, the paper will dissolve, but by then, each potted plant should be well-established.

Happy spring planting!

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