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Rappin' up parenthood still schools moms and dads with humor

Is parenting funny?

Often, it seems to be. From diapers to driving lessons, raising kids can be comical.

At least, folks who stop to consider the frequent foibles, mishaps, and perplexities of the process may find parent humor at nearly every turn. Sure, mothers and fathers can become exasperated, frustrated, and simply exhausted at times.

But it’s not hard to uncover ironic, comical, or downright hilarious opportunities to smile at precocious kids, chuckle over childish views of the world, or even laugh at ourselves while parenting.

Maybe you’ve seen “The Parent Rap.”
No, not "The Parent Trap." It's "The Parent Rap."

If you have young children at home, you probably live it. Take a look … and a listen.


Blame it on Bart?

“The Simpsons” actually aired an episode titled “The Parent Rap,” as the Thirteenth Season premiere of the sarcastic Fox TV animated series in November 2001.

Can’t keep up with “The Parent Rap” lyrics?

“The Parent Rap” was created by Bluefish TV, an outreach of RightNow Ministries, a Christian organization based in Richardson, Texas.

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Parent Rap
Video screenshot – fair use

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